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Saturday, June 07, 2008

My sis hangin with Gen. Hiller

So I get an excited text today from my little sister, pretty much in ALL CAPS... she's a military wife out in NB.

She tells me that the outgoing head of the Canadian Forces, General Rick Hillier, kissed her on the cheek just moments ago... no, seriously folks, he really did. So of course she had to tell her political big brother.

So, of course I told her I was going to blog this ASAP... what else are big brothers for? ;-)

UPDATE: Turns out there's even more to this story... so she and her husband are standing along the parade route, and she starts looking around at the folks standing around her. She noticed a solid gold bar on the cuff of the gentleman standing behind her, so she looked up at him, then glanced down to his name tag...

Yes, as in General Natynczyk.

So she turns around and says "Hi", and starts chatting away with him. Her husband starts to wonder to himself who on earth she could possibly know in this crowd, so half turns and glances over his shoulder.

My sister said she's never seen him snap to attention that quickly before...


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