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Friday, June 20, 2008

Guelph Liberal Frank against Dion's "Green Shift"?

Ouch, this doesn't look good, not even a day after Dion's splashy announcement... looks like Dion's Guelph Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote's got some splainin' to do... does he support, or oppose, this "bold vision" from his "leader"?
Liberal candidate Frank Valeriote against carbon tax and the funding of green industries

Now that Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion has unveiled his carbon tax, it might be interesting to gauge reaction from his own people.

If Guelph Liberal Party candidate Frank Valeriote remains consistent with his previously stated positions, he won't like it.

The Liberal candidate for Guelph, Frank Valeriote, is on the record as opposing many elements of Stephane Dion's carbon tax plan.

Of course, that was before Stephane Dion decided that he himself was for a carbon tax after he was against a carbon tax. Perhaps Frank Valeriote will find himself making a sudden conversion (at least until Stephane Dion changes his mind again).

But until that happens, what we do have is a Liberal candidate who thinks a carbon tax is a mistake.
h/t to Janke

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  • At Fri Jun 20, 01:45:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Prime Minister Harper..........if you are reading this.........Call the by-election now!!! Oh man, this like manna falling from heaven.

    I think we will be seeing the by-election shortly.

    While were at it, we should bring up the fact that Paul Martin has been away from work for the longest time, and that he should be pressured to step down...............and we can have another by-election.

  • At Fri Jun 20, 02:43:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger wilson said…

    Lists of love it hate here on Grumpy's blog ( who is not listed on Liblogs....?).

  • At Fri Jun 20, 04:43:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is he not listed because he as been kicked off, or he was never listed to begin with? I saw it coming, lol. I am sure Cherniak has something to do with it (does he run

    I kind of don't blame them if they did give him the boot, he seemed like the trouble maker sitting on the fence trying to keep his balance while the wind was blowing.

  • At Fri Jun 20, 05:49:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dion's socialistic, wealth re-distributing budget doument, with its $15 billion annual Liberal Party tax increase, will also result in a the massive flow-through increase on the cost of every consumer good that is transported by truck, plane or train because of the gigantic increase on a gallon of gas.

    This major tax increase is a Marxist's dream. This massive tax increase will result in the redistribution of wealth from the wealth creators to others. Again, as I said: A Marxist's aspiration come true; and all using the anxiety/ pretext of alleged climate change caused by man! What a joke!

    Wasn't the GST suppose to be revenue neutral? Even if the Feds do cut income tax by part or all of the $15 billion tax increase, the provinces will once again increase their income taxes to make up for the Federal income tax cut. Just like they did when the GST was developed..

    And, not stopping with a $15 billion tax increase, the extreme, Marxist Moronic Liberals are planning to add a second tax, a Cap-and-Trade Tax on top of this first tax increase. Once again this second Liberal tax increase would increase taxes and drive up the costs of all consumers goods as industries pass through their tax increase. Industries don’t pay taxes; they pass them on to consumers.

    Hopefully our liberal Prime Minister, who disingenuously claims that he is a small-c conservative, will not attempt to fool Canadians with a Cap-and-Trade Tax which would be nothing but a tax grab to pay for new spending and would harm Canadians as much as Comrade Dion's carbon tax. A Cap and Trade tax would increase the price of just about everyything as well as taxing over-taxed Canadians. For once Mr. Harper govern as a legitimate small-c fiscal conservative! Genuine small-c conservatives would not be able to support ANY party with a policy that includes a Cap-and-Trade Tax that will de-industrialize our economy back to the middle ages.


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