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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Quoted in today's Globe & Mail

The Globe's Murray Campbell chose today to quote me from my post last week about my status as a delegate for the upcoming Ontario PC Convention in London. It's behind a subscriber firewall, and it's just one quick quote anyway, which was addressed to Mr. Tory... "Do us all a favour, please step down."

Here's what Campbell said...
"Mr. Tory, who has lots of other things he could do with his life, might also be swayed if he heard enough voices like blogger "Christian Conservative" who pleaded: "Do us all a favour, please step down." He could win but still lose."
That last line is the money quote from the article... while Mr. Tory might win the Leadership Review vote, he, and all of us with him, would still end up losing in the end.

Today's article is about the potential for the formation of a Reform Party of Ontario... so having read it and been quoted in it, I think I should comment. For the record, I don't support the formation of a new party... the 1993 Federal Election should serve as a warning to all of us about that sort of strategy.

Having said that, let me be clear... I am NOT advocating that we stop our efforts to get a true conservative leader for our Party here in Ontario. What I will say is that article ought to serve as a warning to all those who are considering voting NO for a Leadership review. I've had a few negative comments directed at me from those who support Tory, basically saying that people like myself, who want to replace Tory, ought to leave the Party and take our "neo-con views" with us.

I'll repeat the warning that I've given to all of them... if we leave, McGuinty is Premier for a good long while. So, you can either get on board and support a Leadership review, or watch as one of your biggest voting blocs simply sits on their hands.

If the YES vote fails, the Party is finished for the foreseeable future... and that's simply a fact of life.

UPDATE: Here it is, in black and white...

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  • At Tue Feb 05, 01:52:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    Good for you. Well said.

  • At Tue Feb 05, 02:05:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    In don't think that the PC party is finished if Tory stays as leader.
    To say so is alarmist.

    4 years is a long time in politics. Remember when everyone wrote Dalton off in his 1st election as leader?

  • At Tue Feb 05, 02:37:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Hey Anon,

    I stand by my statement... the grassroots simply will not support him. End of story. If he still had grassroots support, it would be another story.

    Of all parties, the members of our parties tend to have the longest, and most unforgiving, memories. As a result, there's just no way he can hang on... or rather, hang on and WIN the next election. The grassroots just won't bother showing up.

    I know I won't.

  • At Tue Feb 05, 03:30:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yep CC, Thats what happened last election wasnt it?
    Im not involved in this battle, since i live in B.C., But I am absolutely amazed at the inability of people like yourself to even listen to another point of view. Basically, I hear you saying ITS MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.
    Unfortunately democracy doesnt work that way. It seems to me that even if you had a leadership convention and John Tory won, then you would still be inclined to stay away from the voting booth.
    Thats just sad.

  • At Tue Feb 05, 03:37:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Lee, EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, was bungled from the get-go... a bad policy idea, a poor campaign, an ignoring of anyone and everyone outside the "inner circle", etc., etc., etc.

    For the record, many of us tried to warn Tory off of his bad policy idea before the election... had he listened, he likely would have won. When someone blows an almost sure win, you just can't risk keeping them for another try.

  • At Tue Feb 05, 03:39:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Another possibility is that he may lose the leadership review vote, but win the leadership race.

    For example, he might only get 55% support under the leadership review which would then cause him to resign. However, he could then announce that he's running for the position of leader and win with 51%...


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