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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The XREP "Long Range" Taser

For the record, I support the use of Taser in Canada... but NOT their indiscriminate use, or the double tasering of a subject, or the use of excessive force after the fact, as we clearly saw in Vancouver late last year. (I still can't stand to watch the video clip of what happened to that poor man...)

Having said all that, I think THIS is a remarkable innovation... the Taser XREP – the eXtended Range Electronic Projectile.

Basically, it's a mini-Taser that gets fired from a 12-gauge shotgun. It's just the sort of non-lethal tool that's needed by law enforcement for riot and crowd control... and it's sure to come in handy at the next G8 Summit, with all the mobile disruption tactics the professional activists are using these days. (I think you all know how I feel about those guys and gals... wouldn't it be great if they chose to use their energies in more postive ways?)

h/t to Halls of Macadamia

UPDATE: Man is their promo video for it ever chee-zee... it's like watching a preview for the Terminator or something...

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  • At Sat Feb 02, 04:13:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Shawn Abigail said…

    I'm surprised the local city council in Ottawa hasn't freaked out and in a burst of political correctness banned these. In fact, they should probably ban the video! 8-)


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