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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Explosion in Downtown New York

Global News in Toronto just broke into the news to say that newswires are reporting an explosion in downtown Manhattan. Reports of people running from the scene. Nothing on CNN yet.

Will post as details come in.

UPDATE: CNN has just posted a headline on it, appears to have just been a transformer. "BREAKING NEWS: Transformer explodes near Grand Central Station in New York, fire department officials say."

Fox News is the first to post details...
NEW YORK — BREAKING NEWS: Fire and emergency crews responded to the scene of a suspected manhole explosion under a building in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday at the height of the evening rush hour, officials said. It is not terrorism-related, the officials said.

Smoke and steam was seen billowing above the east side of Manhattan, and several blocks were evacuated. There were unconfirmed reports that police were evacuating nearby crowded Grand Central Station.

The explosion occurred at 43st Street and Lexington Avenue.


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