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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Warren adds his two cents

Warren has commented on Canadian Cynic's outburst...
"July 18, 2007 – Wow. "F*** you and your grief." Just when you think the blogosphere can’t get any more hateful, someone comes along to surprise you. Amazing."
Thanks for the summary Warren... don't think I could have put it better myself.

Though I seldom agree with Canadian Cynic, and have been his target on more than one occasion, I must say that he's kept me on my toes, and has served to keep us more honest... and I have agreed with a couple of posts where he's called out those of us in the "wankersphere" (as he so affectionately refers to us) when we've said something dumb, or just plain not thought things through.

That being said... his post telling Wanda Watkins (mother of killed Canadian soldier Pte. Lane Watkins) where to go was, well, let's just say, the most disgusting post I think he's ever written.

Disagreeing with the mission is one thing... his comments to Mrs. Watkins were something else entirely.



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