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Friday, April 20, 2007

NDP finds a loophole

Everyone was wondering what the NDP was going to say about the Liberal's Afghanistan motion, to pull the troops out by 2009. Some have said this could be an item of confidence, though the Government says it isn't.

Well, Jack Layton's NDP have come up with a very nice little loophole... "This motion leaves our troops in Afganistan until 2009... since we want the Government to bring them home now, we cannot support this motion."

Nice little out there guys! I guess they wanted to a way out, just in case this does become an item of confidence...

During the debate, Mr. Harper had a great line though... "We did not hear a lot about this in the last few months because Canadian troops had not suffered casualties. We see some unfortunate casualties and they are back to attacking the mission. The leader of the Opposition likes to talk about what is unfair. That is unfair to the men and women in uniform." ZING!

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