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Thursday, April 19, 2007

"Bill C-288 will wreak our economy"

Hey, it's not us saying it... that's what Don Drummond thinks.

And just who is Don Drummond? He's currently the chief economist of the Toronto-Dominion Bank. Before that? Well, he was an Associtate Deputy Minister to Paul Martin during the 1990's, and had a total of 23 years experience in the Department of Finance... so one would think he knows what he's talking about when it comes to the Canadian economy, no?

Just to further re-enforce his creds... "It will be difficult for the Liberals to attack Mr. Drummond, a senior Canadian economist whom political parties, including Mr. Dion's, have consulted over the years. He wasn't paid for this latest opinion, which the Tories solicited from him."

So, naturally, we're letting the Canadian public know that it's not just us in the CPC that thinks that implememnting Bill C-288 will kill us economically. (FYI, Bill C-288 is the Liberals attempt to force the Government to implement Kyoto immediately, instead of a more reasonable timeframe)

Warren (who's book I just started re-reading this week) thinks that Baird is making a mistake by touting this, saying that it's "leading with your chin", so to speak. Basically, since the Kyoto file is one that Dion is stronger on, why are we playing to his strengths?

I agree, it's a risky move, but I look at it this way... show an opening, lead your opponent, and once he commits, take away the opening and hit him with a knockout blow.

When we hit the campaign trail, we're going to be able to finally show the Canadian people some real numbers... numbers that prove that keeping the original Kyoto timelines, as mandated by the Liberal Bill C-288, will directly result in job losses in the tens of thousands. From CTV...
Baird says Kyoto would lead to economic collapse
Updated Thu. Apr. 19 2007 12:21 PM ET News Staff

Environment Minister John Baird has painted a grim picture of economic mayhem if Canada were to comply with the Kyoto Protocol.

During a news conference after he appeared before the Senate environmental committee, Baird said the government would instead bring forward a reasonable plan that won't destroy the economy.

"Rather than go to reckless extremes just to make up for lost time, we want a more realistic plan, which we will introduce soon," Baird said.

During his presentation to the committee, he said that meeting the Kyoto carbon emissions targets would "manufacture a recession" for Canada.

He said the government needs to strike a balance between acting boldly on behalf of the environment, and protecting the economy "so Canadians can keep their jobs and build a promising future," Baird said in French.

The Senate committee is considering a bill put forward by Liberal MP Pablo Rodriquez that would force the government to comply with the Kyoto targets.

Baird told the committee that analysis from economists shows implementing the Kyoto Protocol would mean the following:

Gasoline will cost more than $1.60 a litre over the 2008-to-2012 period

275,000 Canadians working today will lose their jobs by 2009

Job loss will cause unemployment rates to rise 25 per cent by 2009

The decline of economic activity in the range of $51 billion

"Please, however, don't take my criticism of Bill C-288 as a condemnation of Kyoto. Our government remains committed to the principles and objectives of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol," Baird said.

"We accept our international obligations and will make our best effort."
With the Liberals seeking to push a timeline that will toss tens of thousands out of work, even Buzz Hardgrove's CAW union is going to have to grudgingly be endorsing us... which translates into tens of thousands of votes in the 905, 519, and other auto-sector heavy areas where we're looking to pick up seats.

We'll be turning the Liberal, the Green, and even the NDP's percieved strenghts into huge liabilities... and we'll take the related votes right to the ballot box, thank you very much. And when they say "That's not true", we'll turn around and say to them, "Alright then, show us your plan that proves otherwise". If they couldn't come up with one in 13 years, there's no way they're going to be able to put together a credible plan in the space of a 5 week election campaign.

Go ahead, bring up Kyoto... when presented with the real facts, Canadians will reject the misinformation being fed to them.

(just as an aside, I mentioned that I started re-reading Warren's book this week, basically in prep for the coming election... funny little bit of irony, but when I finished for the night and went to bookmark my page, I grabbed the first thing I could find... and it just happened to be Stephen Taylor's business card! LOL!)

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  • At Thu. Apr. 19, 07:01:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Swift said…

    If Canadians are going to believe the truth we should be telling the truth about the global warming fraud. we don't need to cut CO2 emissions because CO2 doesn't cause global warming.


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