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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Liberals Angry at May-Dion Deal

There's a pretty good rule of thumb when it comes to certian news stories... when the Toronto Star prints something negative about the Liberal Party of Canada, there is absolutely no room for doubt that the story is true!

They're known around here as "The Red Star", after all.

When there are Liberals saying things like this, you know there are problems in the Liberal HQ...
"Cuzner said the party now risks losing some of the 10,000 people who voted Liberal in Central Nova in the last election, and possibly some party loyalists who are essential to running election campaigns.

A Liberal strategist, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there is widespread anger at the deal in caucus, which Liberals feel could be used against them in a federal election. The strategist said the decision was another strike against Dion, whose leadership has come into question in recent months.

"The only reason this was not the final straw is because of the threat of an election," the strategist said.

Ray Heard, former communications director to Liberal prime minister John Turner, was one of the few to publicly express his anger with Dion, saying he would support party members who believe Dion should be forced out.

The deal with May "denigrates the tradition that the Liberals are a national party," he said in an email to the Toronto Star.

"Both (Liberal MPs) Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae are eminently qualified to succeed him before the next election and I cannot fault their supporters for plotting to dump him before it's too late."

- - - - - -

Central Nova Liberal riding president Allan Armsworthy said he would give no advice to party loyalists who will find themselves without signs to post or doors to knock on when the next federal election rolls around. It will be up to each person to decide what they want to do and who they want to support.

"Some will probably be working for the Green Party as you'll probably see some former Conservatives and some former NDP working," he said."
As I already pointed out today, there's some discussion amongst Libloggers about all this, and it's not all supportive of the move. There's actually some really good thoughts over at Fuddle Duddle that you might want to check out, about the 10,000 some odd Liberal supporters who have now been orphaned in Central Nova, and the larger implications across the nation for Liberal supporters.

It's going to be an interesting week... especially if the writ gets dropped, as some people think it will. Of course, I'm still out on this one... but if it happens, I'm ready to go.

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  • At Sun. Apr. 15, 07:03:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous drew said…

    I read this on Paul Wells:

    Here's a story I have often recounted to friends but, I believe, never written. In 1997 I was covering the federal election campaign for the Montreal Gazette, and one of the stories I covered was the so-called "Quebec caravan" that was a fixture, both of campaigns and of day-to-day government activity, for the Liberal Party of Canada. It was simple enough: a van or two criss-crossing the province, with Quebec or francophile cabinet ministers in it, popping up in secondary markets to draw some local press coverage. It ran right through the campaign and was active on most weekends for a few years after. On this particular day, Dion was in the van, barnstorming through the ridings around Trois-Rivières.

    Phone rings. Campaign headquarters, informing the minister of his schedule for the next day. Dion listens, impassive, then confused, then increasingly angry.

    "Sherbrooke? You want me to campaign in Sherbrooke?" Jean Charest was the incumbent Progressive Conservative candidate in Sherbrooke.

    "But our campaign message in Quebec is that people should vote for the candidate who's best positioned to beat the Bloc Québécois. In Sherbrooke, that's Jean Charest, not the Liberal. Don't make me campaign against Charest!"

  • At Sun. Apr. 15, 05:08:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Dirk said…

    "They're known around here as "The Red Star", after all."

    That says more about the people that apply that label than the paper itself.

    1. Why the name-calling?
    2. The ideological bent of the Toronto Star isn't in the same ballpark, let alone the same league of communist thinking.


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