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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Global Warming: The Pervasive Theology

Just clued into something... my wife and I are watching "The Lakehouse" tonight, and what do they talk about? Global Warming. They just threw it into some random conversation, nothing to do with anything else in the movie, just some random piece of conversation.

But then I clued in... some other movie I was watching recently, they did the same thing there... threw in some random conversation somewhere in the movie about Global Warming. Again, it had nothing to do with anything else in the movie whatsoever, but was just a part of some random conversation... right, I think it was "Stranger Than Fiction", but don't quote me on that.

Are the leftist folks in Hollywood trying to indoctrinate the masses? You be the judge... but I think they are. Let me know if any of you see or have seen the same thing in any other recent flicks.



  • At Sat. Apr. 14, 09:10:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger John said…

    Watch "300". No global warming concerns there.

  • At Sat. Apr. 14, 11:11:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger wuberman said…

    QR77 in Calgary can't do 30 seconds without mentioning Global Warming. The Leftys at the station are getting desperate.

  • At Sun. Apr. 15, 05:20:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Dirk said…

    "Global Warming: The Pervasive Theology"

    What's it going to be? Sometimes you say you agree that global warming is real, and other times you refer to it as "theology".

    Another problem:
    Why have so many people turned this into a left/right issue? I know conservative types (fiscal and social) who are going as far as to buy hybrid cars, and I know of left leaning union supporters who, because of their affiliation with the auto industry are dead-against any action to deal with climate change.

  • At Sun. Apr. 15, 07:02:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Livingsword said…

    I am what would be labeled an Evangelical Christian, Bible believing, church attending and church member (of a church with the word Evangelical in the name). I find it very challenging to see how followers of Jesus are so much against proper stewardship of the planet, a planet on loan from God.

    I understand that in the last days the entire universe will be uncreated and then recreated but that is no reason to destroy His wonderful creation. He told Noah to put the animals in the ark with him. He used animals to point forward to the sacrifice of Christ. Animals are often spoken of in high terms as part of God’s creation. They are not humans and I am not saying they are our equals but it seems to me that the Scriptures are clear we are to take care of the weaker; this is what God does with us.

    We should be the champions of a better, safer, cleaner world. Christians often obscure the world’s view of our true message by speaking of “family values” but if it takes that to make the point then I will say what about our obligation to our children and their children? Politics should not dirty our view of God like pollution hanging over the Fraser valley here in British Columbia.


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