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Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Roundup


Humm... no takers on my thoughts regarding Kyoto yesterday. I pointed out that if we spend money to buy emission credits, or invest in projects in other countries, the credits we obtain only last for one year... after which, we're still over our emissions, and have nothing to show for the billions spent on purchasing the credits. Interestingly, no Kyoto proponents said a word. (I guess that's what happens when you bring up an issue not covered in the talking points...)

My favorite Liberal Warren said that Mr. Baird talking about Kyoto was "leading with his chin"... however, it seems everyone is talking about what he had to say. I think Warren refers to that at "Earned Media".

Dion and the Liberals
A good look at Dion's leadership thus far in the Sudbury Star.
The enemy within; Dion should be targeting Harper; instead he's in the wilderness

Dion began with the wind at his back. He had a trump card. In this year of wacky weather, here was an earnest newcomer girding for battle to save the planet. Meanwhile, the coldly aloof Tory prime minister flailed about with transparently cynical measures to offset his record as a known climate-change skeptic.

With a script like that, how could the Liberals miss?

And yet they have. Somehow Dion has blown whatever goodwill he accrued by winning the leadership. At the same time, Harper has deftly - almost surgically - repositioned his party as the champion of the hard-working, lower middle class.


Mr. Harper won't treat the Liberal motion as a confidence item. However...

Senate Reform

...this may become a confidence issue, if the Liberals keep holding up our Senate reforms.
Tories issue veiled threat over Senate reform
Updated Fri. Apr. 20 2007 8:11 AM ET
Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- The government's House leader is warning opposition parties that the Conservatives won't tolerate indefinite obstruction of their Senate reform agenda, reviving the spectre of a possible snap election.

With debate set to start Friday on a bill establishing a process for electing senators, Peter Van Loan wouldn't say whether the Tories are prepared to make Senate reform a confidence matter, over which their minority government could be toppled.

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