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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Wow... I never figured I'd ever be labeled a "Centrist". I always figured I'd be labeled a Right Wing-nut for the rest of my life.

I ended up being a right-leaning, midsize government Centrist. Now that I think of it, it makes sense... I'm not in favor of privatizing to many more government institutions... like Hydro for example. I don't mind the fact that we subsidize power... if we all subsidize it, the overall cost to us will be lower. I don't want private healthcare, but I'm in favour of private, more efficient, delivery of some services. (and I work in the Healthcare sector) But I do think we should consider privatizing some sectors of government service.

Case in point... my wife needed to get some government document dealt with. The office was supposed to open at 8:30am. At about 8:40am, a couple of government workers (why is it they all have this same "look" to them?) strolled in, in no obvious hurry. They went in the back door... and my wife said she could see them chatting away, taking their time getting the office open. Well, they finally opened the office by about five or ten to nine... meanwhile, the lineup was a half-dozen or so people by now.

Let's privitize their jobs. Make them go out an get a job where they have to be on time, for once. The office is in downtown Kitchener, ON, for anyone within the public service who could maybe do something about it. And no, it wasn't the Tax Office... they've been pretty efficient every time I've been in there.

And as for Social Security... I'm not in favour of allowing people to manage their own accounts. It's supposed to be there for them if their own savings fail... so what if they blow that too? Then who's going to have to pay to support them? No, that should be kept public.

But... our government is bloated... time to trim. Bring in the Accountability Act to make the government (the PMO, ministers and MP's) accountable, trim the fat in the public service, and free up the staff in the public service to do their jobs impartially without all the red tape to go through. That will boost efficiency, and we can finally get things done in Ottawa. (or Gatineau, where most of the government jobs are... but that's another issue)

There are too many handout programs. Let's get the economy rolling and create jobs for people. ENSURE THAT PROGRAMS ARE THERE FOR THOSE WHO REALLY NEED IT, but get lazy people off their butts and working. (believe me, there are lazy people bilking the system... anyone who says otherwise is clueless... and funny... most of them vote Liberal or NDP...)

Okay, enough ranting. Time to get off my butt and work... but, red tape is slowing me down right now, which is why I have time to do things like blogging. I WANT TO GET STUFF DONE, BUT I'M STUCK TWIDLING MY THUMBS UNTIL WE CAN GET THIS NEW PROJECT ROLLING!!! GRRRRRR!!!

Okay, really done ranting now... wow, I ended up way off the topic I started on...


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