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Monday, November 14, 2005

Good'ol Goodale Goodies

The election is off and running... Ralph Goodale just announced the what is likely the biggest series of tax cuts in Liberal, if not Canadian, history. It will work out to somewhere between $200-$400 per year for my wife and I.

You know what? I'd gladly give that up for a change in Government. Why? Because the Conservatives understand financial issues better than the Liberals... just look at Garth Turner or Monte Solberg's websites. I'm voting Garth for Finance Minister!

Why? Because under a Conservative government, the economic wheels of this country will really start to turn, providing more opportunity for all, (middle class and poor) and more opportunity for my wife and I to increase our income via higher earnings, rather than by cutting taxes yet stalling economic growth.

The Liberals need to be toppled THIS WEEK. Because every day they are in office allows them to spend our money trying to buy our votes.

Not this time. Not this time.


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