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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The decision is... we're still waiting...

The NDP, Conservatives and the Bloc have dropped the gauntlet... call an early election in early January, or else. The Liberals have one week to agree, or face a non-confidence vote Nov. 24.

Here's how I see it playing out... the Liberals will reject it outright. In response, the opposition parties could move a non-confidence motion on Thursday, which, in my opinion, they should have announced today. Put a gun to the head and not give them the chance to wiggle out of it... "Yes" or "No", then either holster the weapon or pull the trigger.

Those sneaky Liberals though... the PM could pull a fast one and declare Tuesday's vote to be a confidence motion, and pull the plug himself, and try to blame the opposition parties. We'll have to wait for the reply tomorrow.

So, again, STAY TUNED... same time, same channel...


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