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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Finding Consensus

Well, this could all just be a clever manouver to get the House to fall next week.

Think about it. Jack Layton has now indicated that on Nov. 24, he and his party will bring forward their own motion to dissolve the House in January. Okay, so, now we know he's onside and he'll follow through. But the Liberals are already saying they won't recognize the motion.

Could this all have been to get the NDP onside for a Tuesday motion? The 3 Opposition leaders will meet Monday. They can get together and claim that they had the perfect solution with the NDP motion, but the Liberals are once again showing their arrogance by blowing them off. This could be exactly what they needed to get the public to agree to the need for a Christmas election... "It's the Liberals fault".

So, once again... STAY TUNED


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