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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Political Donations

Okay, here's my two cents on the donations to the parties... the Conservatives KILLED the Liberals again, at a rate of about 2.5 to 1. Totals so far this year are $4.9 million for the Liberals, and over $10 MILLION for us.

Trying to find the source article, but the Liberal MP from Scarborugh/Pickering was quoted as saying "I think there's a difference in the numbers because the Conservative Party members tend to be more affluent."

Excuse me? No, it's because all the grannies, hardworking families, and individuals like me chip in $20 or $100 here and there, faithfully, and regularly. Because we don't need $1000 or $5000 dinners or cocktail parties to raise our capital. And what's with the report of 24 Liberal $5000 donors in Edmonton? Looks like Anne's been supported by the money folk of Edmonton! (note, there were only 28 $5000+ donors reported by the Libs last quarter... Anne's riding accounts for 86% of them!)

I chipped in $20 at the last EDA meeting. Likely will anoter $20-$40 before the end of the year, and, of course, will put in my $10 membership once again.

THAT'S HOW YOU BUILD A WARCHEST. With honest money from honest citizens who want their voice to be heard in Ottawa.


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