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Monday, November 07, 2005

Another stalemate - who's gonna pull the plug?

Okay, now I'm getting annoyed. I finally heard the news I've been waiting for all weekend... Jack's not going to prop them up, and the NDP will support any confidence motion set before the House. Then Mr. Harper says we won't table one, he's leaving that to the NDP. And the Bloc is waiting on us.

Mr. Harper, I supported your leadership bid, shook your hand (twice) in Fredericton, and I know that you are the only man to be our next PM... so let's show the country we know how to build a consensus AND PICK UP THE PHONE AND SET UP A MEETING WITH JACK AND GILLES!

Okay, I feel better now that's off my chest. This is only going to blow up in our faces if we let it go on for more than a day. Otherwise, everyone will be questioning if we have the ability to run the country, as we're likely going to need a strong ability to build consensus if we end up in a minority situation.

Call Jack, set up a meeting and his PUBLIC commitment to bringing down the House IMMEDIATELY. Then, if he goes back on his word, HE'LL GET KILLED IN THE NEXT ELECTION AS HAVING NO ETHICS!!! He's not going to break his word right now, that's going to be the key issue!

Extend the offer to the other parties; a clear-cut, can't back out of it offer. "We will put forward a motion of confidence on Nov. 15 IF Mr. Layton and Mr. Duceppe give us a 100% commitment that they will vote in support of it."

If they say they will, then go back on it, you know that the voters will punish them for it come ballot time.



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