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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Heart stopped for a moment...

I was watching the live feed from the House of Commons (or, rather, listening to it in the background while working on other things) and there seemed to be some confusion for a moment. So I pulled it up, and a messenger had arrived and said, "It has been requested that the House join the Governor General in the Senate immediately." Because of the confusion, this appeared to me, a newbie, to be somewhat of a surprise to the House. So, immediately, my heart starts pounding, and I'm thinking to myself, "My goodness, have they actually gone and done it? Have they done what I recommended they do? Has Jack joined in and they went to the GG and asked her, as the majority in the House, to dissolve Parliament? Could it be?"

Nope. Turned out to be some stupid thing called "Royal Assent". Kidding, I know what Royal Assent is. But would they mind not giving us all a head-fake on a day when we're all watching, hoping the House will fall?

Okay, I'm way too obsessed right now...


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