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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Jack Layton has given his commitment! From CP...
Jack Layton sent the Conservatives the clarion signal they have been demanding, stating unequivocally Tuesday that he is committed to helping them bring down the government at the next available opportunity.

"We are very clear," Layton told reporters in Vancouver.

"If there's non-confidence motions before the House (of Commons) we'll be voting against confidence."

"We don't believe the government deserves our confidence any longer."

Layton went a step farther than Harper, stating that he would also vote against the Liberals' supplementary budget estimates Dec. 8 or any other confidence matter.

None of the MSM is broadcasting this yet, likely saving it for tomorrow's news cycle, or keeping it on the QT on behalf of their Liberal friends.

Now, the Party has responded that this isn't good enough... but with a coming election that will be fought on Ethics and Accountability, you know there's NO WAY he'll be dumb enough to shoot himself in the foot by doing something that shows him to be unethical or untrustworthy!!!

You can read all about it here from CP.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, if the NDP will sign on to be the seconder of the motion on Tuesday. As I've had to keep saying since Gomery... stay tuned.


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