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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Aren't all parties corrupt?"

I say that in quotes because it's not my question; I've been asked that question twice in the last few weeks.

I disagree with that pessimistic statement. I don't believe all parties are corrupt. I truly believe that there can be change; real, substantive, positive change. I believe that when the old PC and CA parties merged, most of the "Entitlement Class" went over to the Liberals... (a la Brison, Clark, Stronach) to an old school party that still did things the old school way. Not so in the Conservative Party of Canada.

We're a new party. A fresh vision. For the most part, attentive to the views of the people, the grassroot members, of whom I am one. This is a value that MUST be fiercely guarded, at almost any cost.

We're calling for an end to the shady backroom brokers. We want real people to deal with our real problems. And that's why I support Stephen Harper. He's just a regular guy. It seems that Canadians won't elect you PM unless you're a millionaire. Who can better understand our day to day problems of paying the bills, putting gas in the car and food on the table? Of saving for our kids education, like Stephen Harper has to? Or making a mortgage or a car payment? I'll bet you Stephen can better relate to that than Paul can.

So Canada, what's it going to be? Vote for a guy who's been a part of the Entitlement Class his entire life, or the guy who's been slogging it out in the trenches all his life, just like you and I are?

I know where my vote is going. And I'm putting my money where my mouth is. I want to work to change the views of regular Canadians. Knocking on doors, signs, etc., I'm already signed up. That's right... getting this guy in office, to me, is worth taking time out of my day, and shelling money out of my pocket. Not just for me, but for everyone in this nation of ours.

There CAN be a difference. It's time for a change.


  • At Tue. Nov. 15, 04:29:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you! What a terrific response to that tiresome uneducated statement!And welmust let people know what the NCC stands for! PMPM on the news today trying to sound so very noble about how terrible it would be to have a Christmas election...why? Isn't Christmas politically incorrect for the Libs? VF

  • At Tue. Nov. 15, 05:53:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous drew said…

    I don't vote as I don't agree with participating in politics (for both philosophical and theological reasons), but even if Harper is not corrupt now I believe he will be soon enough as he is a politician. I don't believe it is possible to be a part of the World System (of which politics is a very large part) and remain uncorrupted for long.

  • At Tue. Nov. 15, 06:59:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mulroney was very very honest. He never swore or lied or had boondoggles. Any one who tginks so has fallen under the spell of a vast NDP-Liberal-MSM-Catholic churhc conspiracy.


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