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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We're a blessed country to have what we have

Just realized today, I've been inadvertantly surrounded by political events my whole life...

It all started in Grade 6. I got to take a tour of Queen's Park in Toronto. I think I was hooked even back then. We had a mock campaign that year... I was one of three candidates for Premier. It roughly worked out that I was the Conservative, another fringe candidate, and Rob... who ended up having a loosely NDP platform. It was there I learned the effectiveness of demonizing an opponent, and that an election is won and lost not by you, the candidate, but by your staff of advisors... I lost BIG TIME.

Upon reflection, it was that one line my staff inserted into my speech... I protested, but they won, and it stayed in... alienated my core constituancy, the Grade 4 boys. Even though I cried, (hey, it was Grade 6!) I was hooked.

Ran twice, unsucsessfully, for student council in High School. But, after my first loss, the teacher/advisors for the student council created a new, non-voting psudo-position, because they wanted to keep me involved. I was involved in this way with the SAC for the next three years.

While there, due to my SAC involvement, I got a chance to meet Canada's first female PM... shook her hand, then a moment later, I shook the hand of the man who would become the Liberal Premier of Quebec, though at that moment, he was the number two Tory... one of only two who would not be defeated in that election. Met and talked with Dan McTeauge a few years later, the Liberal MP from my former riding. I supported him in 1997... the Reform candidate that year reminded me of a used car salesman. Of all the Liberals in Canada, he's one of the two I respect most. (Warren Kinsella being the other... read his books... good stuff)

Wrote to my MP, Brenda Chamberlan, a few times. Her staff are good about responding. She personally responded to a note of concern I sent her about the inclusion of "sexual orientation" in the Charter of Rights. Looks like I was right... she voted against Bill C-34 this past summer, which I knew would be coming down the pipes eventually.

I didn't stop to say hello, but I ran into Mike Harris in 2004 in an airport in New Brunswick. Soon thereafter, shook the hand of Stephen Harper, and stood onstage with him during the kickoff to his 2004 campaign. Also met Kevin Newman from Global, and joined him in a roundtable discussion a few days before the vote. (Got a photo of him and I shaking hands on my desktop at home... he's a Man. U. fan... I was born there) Had a chance to run into Stephen again this summer. Also have had the chance to talk to Gary Goodyear (my parent's MP) and his staff on a number of occasions about the various goings on in the Ontario caucus.

Got a chance to walk up the Hill this summer too. Got into the House and the Senate while on tour... wow, that was incrediable. My wife and I are going to go back sometime while the House is in session to take in Question period, just for fun.

And now I'm a Blogging Tory. That almost sounds like someone screaming profanities at you... "You Blogging Tory!!!" Can't wait for the buttons to proudly wear during the next election. (Any chance of that Stephen T?) I've been lucky to get to see and touch what goes on in our Government over the years. I would love to be involved in the inner workings on the Hill. Well, maybe someday.

These are some of the reasons why it frustrates me when people don't care or get involved. We're so lucky to have what we have... so let's do something to protect it!

Anywho... this has been a complete ramble. Oh well, time for bed. We'll see what the morning news cycle brings...


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