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Friday, May 22, 2009

Liberals sending out Tory-esque 10%ers

Well what do you know? All those Tory 10%ers the Liberals have been complaining about? Well they've finally followed suit, and are sending out photocopied 10%ers just like the Tories! I just got one in my mailbox today!

So, if I EVER hear a Liberal complaining about them again, I'll just refer them to Liberal Caucus Services.

Yea, as ususal... hypogrits.

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  • At Fri May 22, 06:41:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    I've been getting them from the Dippers for ages.

  • At Fri May 22, 06:50:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Excuse me, but "a" ten percenter is okay.

    I've receive "13" Tory ten percenters by mid-May, one of which was a 14 page booklet - rather accessive you'd have to agree.

    NDP, Libs, Cons sent them out - the problem is the number and abuse of it.

    13 in 4 months - that's what I've received this year so far from the Tories.

    I've saved them except for one - and I plan to ask the Speaker about what the limit is.


  • At Fri May 22, 07:03:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Zorpheous said…

    What you completely failed to grasp is that these 10%'ers are a complete waste of our tax dollars. So who was the liberal and what was the content of the 10%er? If it was hanest government business and not party PR, spin and propoganda then the 10%er is valid. If it is bs party PR, like all those CPC 10%ers then you and I should not be paying for them.

    vw = fedstand,... ironic

  • At Fri May 22, 07:06:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Robert McClelland said…

    Was it from your MP? The problem isn't that the Conservatives send out 10%ers, it's that they're sending them out to constituents in other ridings.

  • At Fri May 22, 07:53:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Brrr said…

    I'm drawing a blank. What are these ten percenters you speak of? Those mailers with the psuedo polls that you mail back?

    I've always gotten Liberal ones. Ron Duhamel and Ray Simard always sent them when they were the MPs in our area.

    Since they got bounced, I only saw CPC ones up until this week, when I too got a particularly silly one about the CBC. I actually sent it in with comments that I supported Harper's stance wrt the CBC.

  • At Fri May 22, 09:26:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger paulsstuff said…

    I've received 10 per centers in the past from a PEI Liberal MP, and I'm in Ontario. I also had a few from Garth Turner, before he had his ass handed to him last election. And I am nowhere near his riding.

  • At Fri May 22, 09:29:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Post a pic when you get a chance.

  • At Fri May 22, 09:58:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I get NDP one's on a regular basis here in Guelph

  • At Fri May 22, 10:24:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    But the BIG difference is that the Dippers haven't been harping on the Tories for doing so.

    The Liberals? They have been, and now they've done an about-face and are doing the same thing.

    That makes them "hipoGrits", as usual.

  • At Sat May 23, 12:03:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anne in sw ON said…

    You know the libs will just reply with that old stand-by: "Yeah, well they did it there!" or "Turn about's fair play!" or "Well, they did it so why can't we?" or "Yeah, but ours are better." You just know they will.

  • At Sat May 23, 07:28:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So, you're so up front and honest that you don't show all the responses.

    What are you afraid of.

    I thought Christians were supposed to be honest.


  • At Sun May 24, 09:01:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    I don't live with my laptop attached to my hip Lyn... I was enjoying something called "the weekend".

    Add to that the fact that your comment had been misdirected into my Junk Mail box (somewhat appropriate, don't you think?) and you might see why I didn't get around to posting it until now.

  • At Mon May 25, 08:41:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I continually receive 10%ers from Dan McTeague, but I live in Ottawa-South. Does the Party's environment Critic have such a bad reputation that he can't even send out his own propaganda?

    As annoying as it is to continually get the Con ones, they have nothing on the NDP 10%ers, which usually have spelling mistakes in them.

  • At Mon May 25, 09:26:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Bert said…



  • At Wed May 27, 02:45:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Saskboy said…

    If you've got a photo of it, that'd be nice. I've seen another one, and it's just as wrong as the Conservatives wasting our money on them.


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