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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Iffy's Bogus Journey, Day 3 - a UofT Exit Strategy

When I woke up this morning, I was wondering what bad news would befall Iggy on his "Just Visiting Express" today... and that didn't take long. Looks like the University of Toronto has an "exit strategy" already mapped out for him, should he lose the next election. (with the likelyhood of that being about 110%)

Travers: U of T offers Ignatieff an exit plan
Published On Thu Jul 15 2010

It’s not a scheduled stop on this summer’s gruelling bus tour but the University of Toronto is looming as the Liberal leader’s final destination. Michael Ignatieff is being touted as an eventual successor to Janice Gross Stein at the university’s prestigious Munk School of Global Affairs.

Returning to U of T where he has strong ties would provide a soft landing for Ignatieff if the next election doesn’t go well for the Liberal party and its leader.

What might normally be dubbed a "Golden Parachute" might be better referred to as a "Lead Balloon" in this instance.

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