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Thursday, May 06, 2010

The MSM's "Iffy" pile on continues

Things are not looking good for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff right now, as the MSM continues to sing a sour note on his leadership.

Don Martin yesterday, on recent Liberal missteps: "The list of brain dead activity in just the weeks since the party's Deep Thinkers conference has become the Red Book to self-annihilation."

Chantal Hébert, in yesterday's Star: "The perplexing Liberal approach to the issue of the governor general is only the latest in a string of questionable moves." and "A year after Ignatieff’s coronation, the party is more than ever without a road map."

And we have L. Ian MacDonald, in today's Montreal Gazette: "What was Iggy thinking? It's a question that has arisen all too frequently in the year since Michael Ignatieff has been confirmed as leader of the Liberal Party." His conclusion is no better, for Iggy: "Ignatieff is still new to this game, still learning on the job, but at a certain point it's fair to ask whether he gets it."

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? I wonder if Bob Rae is looking for a way to get Iffy to pull the plug... not just on the Government, but on his own leadership.  Don't worry Iggy... it's enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out.

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  • At Thu. May 06, 12:49:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Here is my 25 cent prediction (inspired by Mayor Bloomberg), the Liberals will limp to the summer recess. Ignatieff will discover an urgent personal crisis and will regretfully step down as Liberal leader. Then a reluctant Bob Rae will volunteer to be interim leader. He will be confirmed by the Toronto caucus and the final fold into the NDP will begin. Then it will be fun and games - who will lead this new party - Jack Layton or Bob Rae? Better than the soaps! Cheers. FernStAlbert

  • At Thu. May 06, 12:57:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Calgary Junkie said…

    Here's my take ...

    At the time of the backroom deal which made Iggy leader, there was some kind of provision in the deal to review Iggy's performance. Maybe at the one year mark, or every six months, or something. It just doesn't make sense to me that the Chretien-backed Rae would give Iggy an open, unreviewable mandate to lead the Libs as long as he wanted.

    Anyway, when their polling numbers were in the dumps, after Iggy's "your time is up" gaffe, Iggy's face told me that he was under a lot of pressure. Enter Donolo, who bought Iggy time. But almost six months post-Donolo, the Libs are back to polling in the 27 % range.

    Iggy has no more rabbits to pull out of his hat. Rae and others have a strong case for dumping him--he was given a second chance, and failed again.

  • At Thu. May 06, 01:16:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Hinchey's Store said…

    Yes. I am thinking what you're thinking. Thoughtful thoughts about the Liberal leader's thought process (Geez, I'm starting to think I sound like a Liberal with all that kind of thinking about thinking going on in my head!).

  • At Thu. May 06, 07:53:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Zhoharwill not last until the summer recess. A leadership convention will have to be held. But PMSH will not wait.

  • At Fri. May 07, 01:51:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger L said…

    Powercorp is not happy; heads will roll. A reflective walk, not in the snow, but in Provence?

  • At Fri. May 07, 09:51:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Hinchey's Store said…

    Anon7:53 - Harper had better not pull a punch if this transpires. Then he'd be no better than Bob Stanfield... and look where that got the underwear king.


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