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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What Will Iggy Cut?

Iggy has given the "Read my lips... no new taxes" speech, but has said he would eliminate the deficit should he win the Fall election he's about to foist upon the Canadian people.

Which raises a new and serious question... if he won't raise taxes, what does he intend to cut?

Will he return to the old Liberal favorite pastime of gutting our military?

Will he pull a page out of the Paul Martin playbook and cut transfers to the Provinces? (yea, that one will score you a whole wack of points in Quebec)

Will he, in good old Liberal fashion, figure out a new way to write off the West?

Or will he, being the guy who came up with the idea for the "Green Shift" in the first place, come up with another electoral lead ballon with a "Green Shift II"?

Ironicly, he says he wants to topple the Conservative government because they're, "mean", in his opinion. But if he's not raising taxes, and plans to erase the deficit, how is he going to be any different that Prime Minister Harper in terms of social spending? Because he's not going to have a dime to spare for any kind of new social programs. And if he's not going to initiate any massive new social programs, then what's the point of trading Prime Minister Harper for His Royal Iggyness?

Ideas? If he won't raise taxes, what do YOU think he'll cut?

UPDATE: On an unrelated note, it's barely 24 hours since his speech, and already he's goofed... he said in his speech that it's vitally important for Canada to further "engage China", and then what does he go and do? Why, he cancels his trip next week to China, of course.

I dunno about you, but I'm thinking to myself, "Huh?" On the one hand, he says we need to focus more on China. Meanwhile, he has a pre-planned golden opportunity to do just that, but he goes and cancels it instead.

Are you left scratching your head too? Kinda makes you wonder what international blunders he has planned were he to become Prime Minister.

UPDATE II: Looks like I'm right, Iggy's planning on making what are likely SIGNIFICANT cuts to social programs, the military, AND provincial transfers... from his own speech today:
He cited the Liberals' track record while in power of balancing the deficits of previous Tory governments in the mid-1990s as proof a future Liberal government would tackle the fiscal burden.

"We inherited a $42-billion deficit from Mr. Mulroney and we had to clean it up, and we did so without raising taxes," he said. "We’ve inherited a $52-billion hole with Mr. Harper — we will clean it up without raising taxes."
Anyone recall HOW the Liberals managed to do that while Paul Martin was Finance Minister? I seem to recall Mr. Martin buying a pair of workboots right before making his budget speech... you know, the one where the MASSIVE cuts began?

So, the question again is, "What will Iggy Cut?" He won't say... all he said was, "Wait and see".

UPDATE III: Here's a little bit of the Liberal "record", from Paul Martin's Wiki page:
While Martin's record as finance minister was lauded in business and financial circles, there were undeniable costs. Some of these costs took the form of reduced government services, affecting the operations and achievement of the mandate of federal and provincial departments. This was probably most noticeable in health care, as major reductions in federal funding to the provinces meant significant cuts in service delivery. Martin's tactics, including those of using surplus funds from pension plans and Employment Insurance, created further controversy.
So Your Royal Iggyness, do you REALLY want to encourage folks to remember "the good old days" of the Liberal cuts in the 90's? I mean hey, why not, because if you're promising to make those kinds of cuts to wasteful Government programs and agencies, well who knows... I might even vote for you.

UPDATE IV: LOL... ChuckerCanuck makes a good point...
"Perhaps the funniest quote Mr. Ignatieff provided today was this:

"Remember we've been here before, we inherited a $42-billion deficit from Mr. Mulroney and we had to clean it up and we did so without raising taxes," Ignatieff said.

Actually, Mr. Ignatieff, you were not there. You were not even in the country. To quote your old nemesis, "you think its easy making priorities?" You cannot claim a legacy accomplished an ocean away from you."

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  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 03:07:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The China flip-flop, is a huge blunder, not only because of all the noisy innuendo yesterday but because there is no valid reason to cancel.
    So now we are left to ask, what is the REAL reason and we are justified to place him and his team, back in the completely incompetent, time-out chair.

    These guys are becoming more ridiculous, by the hour.


  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 03:12:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger L said…

    He really blew it by cancelling the china trip, saying that he wanted to stay home to see what cards were going to be played. It would be sweet if all the other parties just said nothing from Sept 4-8th, except well we'll see what happens when parliament reconvenes on the 14th.

  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 03:31:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Why would Ignatieff go to China, he prefers Europe. Cheers. FernStAlbert

  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 04:51:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Oh, I see the Liberal-talking-points machine is out in full force... nice try guys, but Iggy's the one who painted himself into this corner. I'm open to discussing policy, but if you wanna post talking points, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    His Royal Iggyness has promised to increase to social spending, while not raising taxes AND cutting the deficit. You can't do all three. Deal with the premise of the post, or argue why it's wrong, and then I'll approve your comment.

    I've had enough of people who just prefer to rant and rave, so there. My blog, my rules... I've always tried to be the most fair one out there, approving pretty much anything and everything, but I'm sick of Liberal games.

    I'm not gonna do anything to help His Royal Iggyness seize control of this country.

  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 04:59:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Ted Betts said…


    It is indeed your blog and your rules.

    I don't know what other comments you received from others, but I would not characterize my question as being a rant, a rave, a game or even a talking point.

    Iggy has said exactly what Harper has said. Why do you treat Iggy so differently? Why is Harper immune to the same kind of criticisms you make of Ignatieff?

  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 05:43:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would guess it would involve some way of screwing the West again. Cap and trade, special permit required to wear a cowboy hat, one out of ten cows must be given to Ontario, I don't know.

  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 06:35:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Fitter said…

    I'm 67 years old and have a good memory. That deficit was inherited from Trudeau the worst prime minister this country ever had, not from Mulroney.

  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 07:05:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous The Professor said…

    Hypocrite you are, and calling yourself a Born again Christian too. Why aren't you curious how Harper is going to eliminate his record deficit without spending cuts or tax increases? I'll answer that, it's because you know it's not possible, and questioning it, will expose the lie.

  • At Wed. Sep. 02, 08:22:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Jerry Prager said…

    The question may be Iggy but the reality is the Con, the double play, the get rid of everything Canadians hold dear, the Bush League ideological end game, the faux Christian elite - the self-chosen - the elite deceived by the crown chartered pirates - by the privateers - by the corporatist neo-facsists so beloved by Harper BLOGinc.

  • At Thu. Sep. 03, 09:24:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Ted Betts said…


    You are absolutely right to call CC on how he treats Ignatieff differently than Harper and applies a different standard to Liberals than he does to Harper. It is standard conservative "our principles don't apply to us".

    But, with respect, there is no call for questioning or challenging CC on his beliefs. We can highlight the weakness, hollowness and hypocrisy of their arguments without delving into the personal.

  • At Thu. Sep. 03, 09:34:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Hey Ted,

    Thanks for your reply, the previous batch of comments didn't get posted because it turned into nothing more than a Liberal pile-on, rather than serious discussion.

    I will agree that Mr. Harper has said the same thing in the past, but he's never promised to launch a massive flurry of "kinder" government social programs like the Liberals have.

    In that sense, Iggy's speech yesterday backed himself and your party into an even tighter corner. When Harper said the deficit could be wiped out without cuts, you guys laughed at him and derided him in the media. Now that Iggy has said the very same thing, you guys can't attack the "scary" Conservtives saying that we're going to introduce massive cuts.

    I'm serious, one single mention of the word "cuts", and you're team will get nailed to the wall by not only the public, but by the normally Liberal-friendly media too. On that front, Iggy has one again shown that he has the political instincts of a fruit fly... and not only that, but once again, HE'S AGREEING WITH STEPHEN HARPER. So much for opposing everything...

    Again, to repeat the initial thoughts of my post, the Liberal Party is saying that PMSH's government is "mean", and that we need massive spending on new social programs. If Iggy intends to keep his promise of not raising taxes, and if he intends to keep his word on new social spending, then his only option left is to make cuts.

    Contrast that with Mr. Harper... he's made no such promises on new social spending. As such, his word is much more trustworthy than Iggy's, who HAS promised new spending, all without raising taxes.

    From a logical perspective, don't you see how this further paints Iggy into the corner? Not to mention that he stands to lose an even bigger chunck of his left flank into the arms of the NDP or Green Party... a whole lot of supporters are ripe for the poaching right about now.

  • At Thu. Sep. 03, 09:47:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Ted Betts said…

    With respect, CC, I think you need to take off the partisan blinders.

    Before the recession came (the one Harper said would not come), Harper had not only already put us into deficit, not only broken every single spending record and increased spending more than any prior Prime Minister, but he increased the size of government to a larger size than it has ever been. Not just spending but actual departments and people. The public service employees has gone up by several thousand since he became PM. Many of those are in regional development programs, including for Ontario!?, that Harper expressly said he would never do. That is not the temporary spending that he is spinning you on.

    And that was all before the deficit he promised us we would never have.

    That is all before the record shattering, mind numbing stimulus spending which invariably ends up as pork in Tory ridings (well documented, not a talking point) and corporate welfare.

    Just as important, Harper has been calling for major spending increases. So what you say is untrue. Now, you may think his spending increase promises on military, the North, etc. are more justified than Iggy's promises on rapid speed transit, education, research, but whatever it is being spent on it is still a spending increase and requires cash from somewhere.

    I actually believe Harper when he says he won't increase taxes or cut spending. I don't believe him though when he says the deficit will just magically disappear. Like every other conservative leader before him, he is your standard fare "borrow and spend" conservative.

  • At Fri. Sep. 11, 03:28:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Jan said…

    Do not forget that Harper paid off 37 billion of the debt in 3 years --the Liberals paid only a fraction of that in 13 years. The bogus claim that the Liberals had a surplus is due to the fact they poached billions from the EI and pension funds, decimated the military and reduced the transfer payments for Health Care from 50% to 12%. I remember those days well --they were ugly. At least we have the assurance from the P.M. he "will not raise taxes or reduce transfer payments to the provinces". From Ignatieff, we hear nothing.


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