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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Iggy's original book cover leaked!!!

The sad thing is, the Liberals genuinely don't see their own hypocrisy... they attack us for being "too American" one day, and then cosy up with the USA the next when it suits them... even recruiting someone who spent a significant amount of time in America for their Leader.

Anyway, with his new book launch and all, I just wanted to make sure everyone got a look at a leaked copy of one of his initial cover designs that got scrapped...

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  • At Wed. Apr. 22, 12:21:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Ted said…

    How is he "for all intents and purposes" American?

    He was there for 4 years, he came back here in 2005. Cheap shots is not usually your thing CC, so I'm quite curious about how you explain that comment.

  • At Wed. Apr. 22, 01:04:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Touche Ted, I thought he'd been down there longer than that... I've revised the wording.

    Of course, the main point was the fact that Iggy's spent a lot of time away from home, and that it's ironic that the man now leading the Liberals was essentially recruited from the US of A... the very same place that for years, the Liberals have used as a punchline for attacking our Party.

    Don't you agree?

  • At Wed. Apr. 22, 01:05:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Well, actually the main point was that of humour... guess ours differs!

  • At Wed. Apr. 22, 01:22:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Ted said…

    "Don't you agree?"My neverending battle within my own party!

    Americans are not our enemies! Not necessarily our friends all of the time either but not our enemies.

    They will attack American imperialism and invite Howard Dean to be the keynote speaker at the 2006 Convention. They will attack America as the evil empire and then take unpaid leave from work to travel across the country to see a brief glimpse of Obama from 200 metres away. I don't quite get it.

    What I do get though, and why there is a difference, is that there are a lot more policy ties between Republicans and Reform/Conservatives than there are between Democrats and Liberals.

    Liberals go to Democrats on organizational issues (like the database software, like Dean's speech, like James Carville) but their primary policies would be anathema to Democrats. Conservatives go to Republicans for organizational/strategy issues as well (like Luntz speaking here) but there is a LOT more dialog about policies - especially socially conservative policies. A perfect example of this is someone like Daryl Reid: former head of Focus on the Family Canada, a Canadian branch of a very large US/Republican-supporting organization, and now in charge of policy in the PMO. That's an observation, not a criticism. I did my MA with Darrel. He's a very smart man and eminently capable for the job, but it highlights the free flow and sharing of ideas and policies across the border among conservatives that just doesn't exist in the same way among Liberals or the NDP. (It also puts to bed the false notion that on the political spectrum the Conservatives are the Democrats of the North.)

    And this is reflected in the blogs as well: the big conservative blogs are read more widely in the US and publish content from American blogs much more frequently. Liberal blogs are sure to comment about US issues, but it is pretty rare to see a Liberal blog link to the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos.

    (p.s. thanks for the change in the original post, but I still think you have it incorrect: 4 years for a 60 year old is not a significant amount of time.)

  • At Wed. Apr. 22, 04:29:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Can you clear up where Iggy has lived for the past 62 years. Also where was he born. His life is very confusing.

  • At Wed. Apr. 22, 05:25:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Ted said…

    It is only confusing because people like to spin it for partisan purposes.

    Born in Canada. Lived here and schooled here, growing up and early adulthood, spending many of his summers working on his uncle's farm in Ontario. Got his first degree at U of T. Got his first academic job at UBC. Worked on Pearson's campaigns and Trudeau's. From 1978 to 2000 he lived principally in the UK, teaching at Cambridge and Oxford and University of London and the London School of Economics, writing Governor General Award winning books and Booker listed novels and screenwriting for the CBC even, ran his own radio and tv shows. During this time, he also lived for several months at a time in places like Kosovo and Iraq (possibly Afghanistan too).

    In 2000, he was in charge of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the JFK School of Government at Harvard, as Director. He left that position to become Chancellor Jackman Visiting Professor in Human Rights Policy at U of T in 2005.

    He represented Canada at the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty around 2001 (I think) which examined when foreign military intervention is required for humanitarian purposes.

    Along the way, he won many awards for his writings and Maclean's named him among the "Top 10 Canadian Who's Who" in 1997 and one of the "50 Most Influential Canadians Shaping Society" in 2002. In 2003, Maclean's named him Canada's "Sexiest Cerebral Man" for whatever that is worth. He gave the Massey Lectures across the country in 2000. His 1998 biography of Isaiah Berlin was shortlisted for both the Jewish Quarterly Literary Prize for Non-Fiction and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize.

    He was the keynote speaker at the Liberal convention in 2004.

    In 2006 he was elected to Parliament.

    In 2009 he was elected Prime Minister of Canada and served for 8 years, a period that witnessed the most rapid economic growth and strongest national unity in Canadian history. Oops. Sorry. Getting ahead of myself with the last bit.

    Despite the petty smears, he has always only ever had a Canadian passport and has always only been a Canadian citizen.

  • At Wed. Apr. 22, 06:46:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    4 years is not significant but 27 years sure is. That is almost half of his life.

  • At Wed. Apr. 22, 11:20:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Dirk said…

    There's a big difference between being anti-American and anti-Republican -- more specifically, anti-what-GWBush-and-Limbaugh-stand-for. I would argue that they're not conservatives in the true sense.

    It's always bothered me that people conflated any criticisms of Bush, for instance, with anti-US sentiment. If that were the case, then half the US would be anti-American.

  • At Thu. Apr. 23, 08:55:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    More like 5/6ths

    Mike Wisniewski

  • At Thu. Apr. 23, 03:46:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oops, my 5/6ths comment was referring to Canadians.

    My bad

    Mike Wisniewski


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