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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Order of Canada's First Resignation?

At least one member of the Order is not happy over this disgrace.

From the National Post: "At my age, and with my middling skills, I have not been graced with the time or talent to have attained such a prestigious award. But if I had, and if the same folks who honoured me then chose to celebrate a man for snuffing out little lives, I like to think I would waste no time in telling them where to stick their snowflake. I was proud that my father removed his own hard-earned Order of Canada immediately upon hearing of Morgentaler’s accolade."

Here's hoping he takes it all the way and officially returns the medal, and withdraws from the Order.


  • At Wed Jul 02, 11:44:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just ask the NDP and CAW Union boys about the history in canada when Blacks were refused jobs that were Unionized , funny how Chow,McDonough,Layton and now some Muslims love to blame the White-man for all the social ills and past wrongs.

    But don't you dare dig deep to find the truth abot Tommy Douglas and his Eugenics and admoration for Henry Ford who dispised the Jews and even hated Unions.

    Amazing how low the NDP will stoop to pretend to be defenders of Social justice and equality , Layton even used a Anti-Gay/pro-life Orthodox Muslims to run in Ottawa during a federal election , plus he allowed a Convicted felon to run for them in B.C. .

  • At Thu Jul 03, 08:45:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger pettitji said…

    The common denominator in these diatribes is that the posters seem to believe the universe was created by a sort of god who was not himself created, who appears to look human, who seems to infere in or care about humanity all without any evidence whatsoever.


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