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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Funny... the "Little Guy" agrees with me

Well... it's nice to know that I'm amongst company that virtually no one will disagree with...
In an interview approaching the 25th anniversary of the Charter, Chretien said he was taken aback by a series of judicial rulings in 2003 -- his last full year as Liberal prime minister -- that put a stamp of legal approval on gay and lesbian weddings.

"I was caught by surprise. At the time I was 69 years old, you know, and this way of living was not very (much) a part of my culture.''

Chretien said it wasn't that he didn't think gay and lesbian relationships didn't deserve some kind of official recognition -- the cultural shock for him was that the courts rejected the idea of creating a separate category, commonly known as civil unions, for same-sex couples.

"Nobody objected basically to having a contract between the partners, there was no problem with that. It was when they used the word marriage, that got (to) rubbing people on the wrong side, including me... The courts said you have to call it marriage."
Humm... The Right Honourable Jean Chretien and I, he being one of the very guys who helped bring the Charter into being, agree that civil unions was the way we should have gone in regards to SSM.

Any Liberals who care to disagree with your hero, "The Little Guy"?

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