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Monday, February 05, 2007

TDH Strategies - "Mark Holland was wrong"

Wow. As I said in my e-mail to him, "I tip my hat to you sir".
"That being said, if it is true that Mr. Holland stated this:

"If they refuse to work with us...there will be consequences.,"

during an interview with radio host Dave Rutherford, then that kind of language is completely unacceptable. I will reserve judgement for when I have confirmed this accusation, but once again, I will never support these kinds of words coming out of the mouth of an MP, regardless of where he or she comes from.

We are all Canadians, and we need to help each other out, and foster success in every region of the country. I am going to discuss this in a follow-up post today."
Hear Hear! Thank you for that TDH... you have my respect, and my thanks, for taking that stand against a really scary statement.

To me, it's more important that the Liberals back away from this statement, than having it still out there to use against them during the next election. To hear a Liberal MP say that, in effect, "We're willing to screw Alberta again, a-la-NEP, for Kyoto", is a frightening prospect... one that I would rather have them recant NOW.

No Canadian political Party should EVER say to a province that they would be willing to sacrifice their interests for their political gain. Mr. Dion MUST withdraw those comments from Mr. Holland, and the media should hold them to account for it.

As I also said to TDH, "It would be great for this country if there were more people like us who are willing to look past the partisan rehtoric, and get some good things done for the people of Canada". I really mean that... I don't have an issue with making reasonable compromises to move our nation ahead.

I'm still totally anti-Kyoto, but I'm more than willing to work together to find some room to compromise... most of them are not willing to budge an inch... it's whole hog or nothing.

I'd be more than willing to work together to find a way to provide more institutional childcare spaces for those who want/need them, so long as we also provide support for stay at home parents... something that most of them were unwilling to even consider for some reason.

Our Party has been accused of being "idealoges" lately... ammm, that's like the pot calling the kettle black, no? BOTH SIDES are filled with idealoges... people who unwaveringly hold to a set of ideals, be they Conservative or Liberal ones. Why don't some of the level headed ones start getting together and finding room to compromise?

Maybe because for most of them, it's still all about power? Normally, I'd accuse all of them of seeking power at all costs... but today, I don't include TDH in that assesment. We need more of him... ON BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE.

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