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Friday, February 02, 2007

Liberals - Sea King Fiasco, Part II

What will the Liberals do about today's inked deal for the C-17 Globemasters? This video says it all, at the 2:10 mark... Dennis Coderre said, and I quote, "A Liberal government would kill this contract".

Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Liberal Sea King Replacement Fiasco, Part II. Anyone have any idea how many hundreds of millions of dollars the contract cancellation will cost us this time? And this was from the new Liberal Defence Critic... he speaks to the policy direction of the Liberal Party were they to win the next election. He tried to soften his statement later in the video (5:20 mark), but he never retracted them... he just dodged Mike Duffy's direct question, "Will you cancel this contract?"

Hopefully, Canadians won't be fooled twice. They saw the fiasco that occured when the Liberals canned the Sea King replacement contract.

(On a related thought... how many Canadians have died thus far as a direct result of cancelling that contract?)

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