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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dion's Little Kyoto Secret

John Ivison asks a question about Kyoto... "Is Mr. Dion prepared to let the Canadian public in on this reality check, OR IS HE DELIBERATELY MISLEADING AN ELECTORATE that polls suggest is in favour of Kyoto, even though two in three acknowledge that don't know anything about it?" I'd like to know the answer to that question, Mr. Dion.

What is the "Reality Check" that Mr. Ivison referring to? This one...
According to Aldyen Donnelly, a B.C.- based emissions management consultant, "Under the Kyoto protocol, even if Canadians agreed to send at least $10-billion offshore to buy 'hot air' credits, it would still mean that every Canadian man, woman, child, building and industrial plant would have to consume at least 20% less energy than they do today, starting next January. Then every time we have a baby, accept a new immigrant, build a new home or buy a new hybrid car, we would have to cut back energy consumption further to fit this new addition under our hard national cap.

"The only way industry can do its 'fair share' under the Kyoto cap is to shut down at least 20% of existing manufacturing capacity and jobs over the next 36 months," she said. Even if a new government closed all of Ontario's coal-fired power stations, shut down all oilsands activity in Alberta and slapped a moratorium on new development, it would address less than one-quarter of Canada's current "Kyoto gap."
(for the record, no, I haven't looked into her background yet)

The title of John's article in today's National Post is a question, posed of Mr. Dion... "Duplicitous or Duped?" I'd like to know the answer to that question too.

According to that article, the Liberals have proposed to send TEN BILLION DOLLARS of our hard earned taxes overseas, to buy credits from other nations in order to "keep our Kyoto commitments". Then on top of that, we'll have to gut our economy by shutting down a huge section of our industry, tossing tens of thousands, mabye hundreds of thousands, of people out of work.

Go ahead Mr. Dion... try selling THAT to the Canadian electorate.

One final quote...
"The Liberals issued a news release yesterday accusing Stephen Harper of being a climate change denier, accompanied by a number of the Prime Minister's own quotes. Many suggest that he was -- and likely still is -- unconvinced about the science of global warming. Yet with one quote, he hit the nail on the head: "As economic policy, the Kyoto accord is a disaster."

Either Mr. Dion knows this and is being duplicitous for political gain or, worse, he doesn't and has been duped by the environmental lobby. Neither explanation inspires much confidence in him as a future prime Minister.
Either we move forward at a reasonable pace, as Mr. Harper is proposing, or we stick to the original timelines... and throw our nation into a MAJOR recession, maybe even full blown depression.

Kyoto, what a noble and inspiring idea... I'm sorry, but soup kitchens don't appeal to me. Nor do I think it appeals to a vast majority of working Canadians.

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