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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

CBC's Drive by Smear - UPDATE

Well, looks like I was right... take a look at this little gem from the CBC's website... "Tories deny plan to extend mission in Afghanistan".

The CBC's drive by smear is COMPLETE. They CREATED this story the other night, on their "Sunday Night" program, by obtaining the MILITARY (not Tory) document. They report it on their program, so of course the CPC is going to respond. Then the folks at the CBC tout a "hard-hitting" story that the CPC is seeking to deny a secret plan they cooked up to extend the mission.

IT WAS A DRIVE BY SMEAR, paid for by Canadian taxpayers. Nothing more. They were not reporting the news... THEY WERE INVENTING IT.

They just strengthened my case for the Ombudsman...


  • At Tue. Jan. 30, 12:24:00 p.m. EST, Blogger vicki said…

    This is not seperate from the Conservative ads...if media were unbiased and reporting ALL the facts the CPC would not have to do this.
    Has anyone seen on CTV or CBC, or other MSM the stories(SDA) about the BC men who have 'letters of commendation' on the Dion website and are being up for criminal charges right now? One was caught with 4 million worth of dope, the other is being investigated for bribery.No ...but the ever so small corny e-mail that a Conservative MP commented on was big news with Toronto Star for a few days...
    I hope Bev Oda acts soon...this is our tax money basically supporting the Liberal agenda.If CBC is so 'valuable' it should try to suvive witout our tax money.It wouldn't make it...


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