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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tonights serving of BIAS on the CBC

Wow... does the host of CBC's Sunday Night, Carole MacNeil, always have that look of mocking distain when talking about the Conservative Party?

The smirk was so overt... no effort whatsoever to hide it. Their lead story tonight? "The CBC has learned that the Conservatives want us to stay in Afghanistan for years and years and years".

Actually, that's not what they SAID... but it's totally what they implied.

An "Access to Information" request was made by the CBC, to get a look at the Military's overall plan/timeline in Afghanistan. It calls for more support, including possibly air support, and sets out a set of goals/conditions for success... goals which may take more than the two years they have left in the mandate.

And who do they interview for their report? Why, the LIBERAL Defence Critic Denis Coderre, naturally...
"There are still many questions, said Denis Coderre, the Liberal defence critic, adding that if the government wants to meet its military goals, it will have to extend the mission.

"When you look at the end state of that paper, long term means exactly that," Coderre said.

The prime minister's office concurred with Coderre's comments, indicating success in Afghanistan will take time."
Guess what's going to be the lead story tomorrow... "Conservatives considering extending the mission in Afghanistan".

Just the whole line of questioning and commentary, it was nothing but a direct attempt to set up the Conservatives to take a hit in the polls... this was NOT journalism, it was a drive by smear... pure and simple.

Let's get the record straight... this is a MILITARY document, NOT a Party driven report. This is the same paper that would have been drafted REGARDLESS of who was in power... unless of course the Liberals, had they won the election, had voted to pull out already. (which, of course they wouldn't have, if they were in power... there would be no need, because it wouldn't get them anymore votes anyway)

Anyway, enough of that. Their second story? "The Conservatives launch attack ads".

Third story? "Ottawa announces plan for the Nova Scotia Tar Sands".

Did you catch that? "OTTAWA", not "The Conservatives". No, far be it for the CBC to actually give CREDIT to the CPC when we tackle an issue that has been left outstanding FOR OVER 20 YEARS. Not once, NOT ONCE, was the word "Conservatives" used. Meanwhile, there's Michael Fortier and Peter Mackay, sitting front and centre... they identified Mr. Fortier as "Michael Fortier - Minister of Public Works". No mention anywhere of WHICH Party it was in "Ottawa" that had made the decision to move forward on this file.

One of the most absolutely disgusting displays of slanted "journalism" that I have ever seen... and I've seen a few. I mean, come on.

The Ombudsman will be hearing from me on this one, believe me.

In Carlton's Model Parliament, the Conservatives introduced a bill for the partial privitization of the CBC. I wasn't fully behind it, but supported it with some reservations. (The bill was narrowly defeated... just because the Reformers said it didn't go far enough)

THOSE RESERVATIONS ARE GONE NOW. It's time we seriously look at turning it into a fully private corporation... and let it sink or swim on it's own.

Irony is, the Model Parliament Liberals made a really good point for me about bias and the CBC during Question Period. They pointed out that it was the most popular broadcaster "in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnepeg", and one or two other cities. So I responded to them...

"Mr. Speaker, I thank the Honourable Member for proving our contention of the CBC's bias for us... each of those cities named, where the CBC is the most popular broadcaster, are infact, Mr. Speaker, strongholds of Liberal support. Would the Member opposite care to explain that?"

CBC, just report the news, don't spin it for us, thank you very much... that NOT WHAT WE PAY YOU FOR. (Remember us, the taxpayer? Your employer?) That's why I like Global National's motto... "WE REPORT... YOU DECIDE"

UPDATE: Well, looks like I was right... look at this little gem from the CBC's website... "Tories deny plan to extend mission in Afghanistan".

The CBC's drive by smear is COMPLETE. They CREATED this news story by obtaining the MILITARY, not Tory, document, release it, the CPC responds, and the CBC touts that the CPC is seeking to deny a secret plan they cooked up to extend the mission.

They just strengthened my case for the Ombudsman...


  • At Sun. Jan. 28, 11:48:00 p.m. EST, Blogger vicki said…

    CTV should now come in to question as well. Sandi Rinaldo had a false and misleading piece last night, and spiced it up with guy that ALWAYS knows how 'Consevatives feel'...Fife.
    check out proudtobecanadian.
    Waiting for Sandra Buckler's 'letter' on this one.

  • At Mon. Jan. 29, 01:41:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Don't be fooled by Global, I watched Global National last/last Friday waiting for them to show the announcement of $1.5 BILLION by the Conservatives, nothing, they showed Dion at a mosque, but not one second of coverage by Global on the governments announcement. No bias there.


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