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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now this is cool... er, hot

U.S. unveils non-lethal heat-ray weapon

Talk about high-tech sci-fi kinda stuff. Readers of the later books in the "Left Behind" series might remember the "D.E.W." devices used by Rayford and Co. This is the real life version... though it is a little bigger...

It's a directed energy weapon... "The system uses millimetre waves (of energy) that penetrate only 0.4 millimetres into skin, just enough to cause discomfort." It raises the temperature of the skin to about 54 degrees celsius... not enough to injure, but enough to make anyone caught in it's path do anything they possibly can to get out of its way.

I'm all for new non-lethal toys for crowd control. Here's hoping they're available for the next G8 Summit... that would make for some great YouTube footage! LOL!


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