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Sunday, January 28, 2007

CTV - "Conservatives may move on carbon emissions"

This would be a good chess move for Harper.

NOT that I've converted into a Kyoto supporter... but Canadians say they want reductions in GHG emissions... and it's the Government's job to give the people what they want. (though if I had a chance to talk to most of them, I'm sure I'd convert them to my anti-Kyoto stand... at least regarding a ban on international carbon credit trading...)

We're not going to the polls anytime soon... just watch. The next budget will target the environment, the fiscal imbalance, and income splitting. I'd just LOVE to see the Liberals and the Bloc try to fight an election after torpedoing THAT kind of budget...

"Yes, I believe I'll try some of that majority over there on the silver platter, if you please..."

Late 2007, or early 2008... to avoid a conflict with the Ontario election. (though right in the middle of it might just tick off enough voters to work in our favour...)


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