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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

PM - "A Tax-Back Guarantee"

I'm not normally one to reprint PMO statements verbatum, but this one is just too good not to post. You want to see the next election platform? Here's just a peek...

February 6, 2007
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has outlined the government’s agenda for the coming year and pledged to continue to build a stronger, safer, better Canada.

Speaking today to the Canadian Club of Ottawa, the Prime Minister listed the accomplishments of Canada’s New Government over the past year, and pointed to five priority areas that the government will focus on in the months ahead:

Further tax reductions as part of a comprehensive economic agenda;

Continued steps to tackle crime;

Further strengthening Canada’s global image and rebuilding the Canadian Forces;

Strengthening the federation by addressing Senate reform and fiscal balance with the provinces; and

Clear, decisive steps to protect our environment.

During his speech, Prime Minister Harper announced the government’s intention to legislate a ‘tax back’ guarantee. “In the future, as the federal government pays down national debt, it will be required to use the interest savings to cut personal taxes for hardworking Canadians,” he said.

The Prime Minister also told the audience that Canada’s New Government will continue its efforts to develop a pragmatic and effective policy to protect and improve the environment. “The fundamental challenge of our time is to make real progress on environmental protection while preserving jobs and standards of living,” the Prime Minister stated.

The Prime Minister concluded by stating that Canadians have clear choices to make on the direction the country will take in the months ahead, and that the government will continue to build a stronger, safer, and better Canada.
A "Tax-Back Guarantee" sure sounds good to me... as the debt is paid down, we should not have to pay the same level of taxes. Smart move.

And I agree with this statement wholeheartedly...“The fundamental challenge of our time is to make real progress on environmental protection while preserving jobs and standards of living”. HEAR HEAR! Dion's plan (haven't actually SEEN a plan from him yet, but...) will cripple the economy, and result in tens of thousands of people being left without work... especially in the West, and Ontario's industrial heartland, the GTA ridings, commonly known as the "905" and "519". Two of the main areas where the next election will be won or lost.

Looks like it's almost showtime...

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  • At Tue. Feb. 06, 03:17:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you know what his plan will do, yet admit in the same sentance you haven't seen the plan. weak. i thought blatantly ignorant partisanship like that was reserved for robert mcllelan.

  • At Tue. Feb. 06, 03:55:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Amm, hello? Have you been paying attention to the media at all? Dion keeps saying that "We have to implement Kyoto NOW!", but still has not come forward with a plan on how he proposes we do it.

    THAT's what I was referring to... he says "We have to do it NOW!", but in reality, any attempt to keep our commitments within the original Kyoto timelines will scuttle our economy... end of story.

    And I resent being compared to RM... I'm not being partisan at all, I'm simply looking at the facts as we presently have them, and using common sense to evaluate the implications... something that it seems very few people on either side of the fence is willing to do.

    Why don't we see THAT discussion going on in the media? "What will the costs be of implementing Kyoto now?" Instead, all we see is a partisan parroting of the Liberal Party line... "We must keep our Kyoto commitments!" No discussion WHATSOEVER on the implications!


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