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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Liberals having issues?

You've got to love the headline on the Globe & Mail today: "Tories surge on Harper's leadership".

And even more enjoyable to watch the Libloggers this morning...

Such as this guy's opening line... "It is time for the Liberal Party to wake up"

I personally like Fuddle Duddle's analysis... "New Strategic Counsel poll is out and it spells disaster if your name starts with 'S' and ends with 'tephane Dion'."

This guy is downright hilarious... how's this for a title? "CTV Poll Analysis is Warped" Yep, Liberal to the core... if the story doesn't favour you, SPIN SPIN SPIN! Well, since I consider CTV to be a biased Liberal lapdog, seeing THEM report these numbers really makes you wonder...

Far and Wide also posted on the numbers, and comments that in his opinion, Harper may have sucessfully neutralized the Environment as a ballot question.

This one is quite funny... trying to accuse CTV of recently spinning things IN FAVOUR OF THE TORIES?!?!?!? NOW THAT'S RICH!!!

Then, from the Globe also came this little interesting development... "Dion to punish MPs who back anti-terror measures in vote". This will prove interesting... since failed leadership contender Bob Rae, and other prominent past Liberals have piped up saying that the measures should be extended. I wonder where Iggy really stands on this one...

Will Liberals break ranks on this one? Will Mr. Harper be able to poach another MP or two over this issue? Will some Liberal MP's break ranks on this file? Will Dion be forced to kick out a couple of MP's, perhaps sending them into the open arms of Mr. Harper?

At least one Liblogger is commenting on it today... time will tell, I guess.

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