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Friday, February 16, 2007

MP Denis Coderre and "Tory props"

Well, I'm sure we've all by now heard of Liberal MP Denis Coderre's boneheaded comments... Gen. Hillier "a Tory prop"? Hey man, you guys appointed him!

Humm, I'll have to admit though, it was a particularly devastating quote... "decade of darkness"? NICE! Thanks Rick, I like it! Mind if we take it out for a test drive and beat them over the head with it for a while? ;-)

In reading about this on the BT tonight, I went through the comments on SDA... various current and former military guys leaving comments, having a general discussion on the Liberal's deplorable record in regards to Canada's military. Someone left a really interesting comment to think about...
"Hmmm, I wonder why almost the entire complement of our soldiers vote Conservative, while all the criminals in our jails vote Liberal.

Must be a causal relationship there..."
I mean, I always knew the particular voting preferences of these two groups, but I never really thought to much about it! Interesting contrast, eh?

I think Kate sums up the whole matter about Denis Coderre's comment quite well...
"Thereby taking a statement of fact made before a small audience and repeating it to a a wider Canadian public to remind us that yes - under the Liberals, the Canadian Forces endured "a decade of darkness", with soldiers at food banks, bullet rationing and rotting equipment.

Well done, Denis!"
Had he not commented on Gen. Hillier's statement, I would have missed it all together... and it would have likely garnered little or no media coveage whatsoever.

Again, thanks Denis!



  • At Fri. Feb. 16, 11:46:00 p.m. EST, Blogger wilson61 said…

    If you google- Hillier, decade of darkness- the General has been using that phrase in speeches since May 2003.

    But of course, it is only an issue now.

  • At Fri. Feb. 16, 11:53:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Denis Coderre is an idiot of the highest order. He is an arrogant, elitist Frenchman from Quebec who has nothing positive to say and is always asking somebody for an apology about some slight he or his party may have endured. What drives the Liberals crazy is that their poor record and failed policies are being thrown in their faces daily. The truth hurts and it looks good on the arrogant Liberal Party and its weak leader, Stephane Dion.

  • At Sat. Feb. 17, 12:45:00 a.m. EST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    My cousin Denis is such an idiot. The Libs deserve that guy. Between hugging Hezbolla thugs and bashing General Hillier and the troops, I am ashamed that I am related to this man. These guys are equipping the Conservatives with a ton of political fodder to kick their asses with. I hope the Liberal Party gets their little fat cat hinies kicked into political oblivion.

    Timothy Coderre


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