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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Liberal Hypocrisy Anyone?

First they attack Mr. Harper for not having a plan. Then, he says "Okay, here you go," and starts rolling out a plan... so they attack him for spending money.

??? Anyone else pick up on the hypocrisy of the Liberal position?
"Does the word hypocrisy leap to mind? I think it probably does," said former Liberal finance minister Ralph Goodale, now Opposition House Leader. "This is a classic demonstration of that."
Yes Ralph, the word does leap to mind... but not in the way you think.

Mr. Goodale, YOU SAID Canadians wanted action on the Environment. Had we announced any kind of plan without funding, you would have attacked us on that front. So, we put the money where our mouth was... so you attack us for that. Yep, the word hypocrisy DOES leap to mind.
Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan rejected the suggestion the Tories are indulging in "March madness" spending, noting that "it's February," and that Canadians wanted action on the environment.

"I think most Canadians are happy to see that and it's more action than the other parties were asking for in terms of this kind of a fund."
As I said yesterday, the whole thing is a political master stroke by Mr. Harper.

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  • At Tue. Feb. 13, 12:02:00 p.m. EST, Blogger wilson61 said…

    Libs did the same thing on China.
    PMSH was too harsh and then not harsh enough, on China's human rights.

  • At Tue. Feb. 13, 12:57:00 p.m. EST, Blogger Lord Kitchener's Own said…

    I think it's brilliant strategy on the Tories part. Cancel a whole bunch of Liberal environmental programs and spending promises right after getting elected, when nobody's paying attention. Then, when (if) the environment becomes a big issue, re-instate the programs, and re-announce the spending, and dare the Liberals to attack their old plans, which you now call your new plans. It's a real coup.

    Thank God the environment became a big issue though. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure all these programs, and all this money, would have stayed in the waste basket where the Tories threw it all, mere months ago.

    It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. I think, inadvertently, Harper is pushing politics in Canada to the left (and he's CERTAINLY doing so on the environment). On file after file, Tory policy of 2007 looks remarkably like Liberal policy of 2006 (in fact, on the environment, I'd argue Harper is giving us a much more liberal plan than we ever would have gotten out of Martin).

    I'm actually starting to like this government a bit more. If one thinks the Tories are too right-wing on any particular policy, the solution is simple. Wait a year.


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