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Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Decade of Darkness", Lt. Gen. Hillier - 2003

So, Messr. Coderre, how come it's only NOW that you object to the phrase "Decade of Darkness"... as it's been floating out there for over four years now?

"We are coming out of a decade of darkness."
Lieutenant-General Rick Hillier, Chief of the Land Staff, quoted during the Combat Development Board, 12 May 2003.

Anyone care to review that?

Another question for you, Messr. Coderre... who was in power back in 2003? Sure wasn't the Tories, that's for sure!

And if he'd made a statement like that back in 2003, why on earth would you choose to appoint him as Chief of the Defence Staff in 2005?
Lieutenant-General Rick Hillier appointed new Chief of the Defence Staff
NR–05.004 - January 14, 2005

OTTAWA – Minister Bill Graham welcomed the Prime Minister's announcement appointing Lieutenant-General Rick Hillier as the new Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS), effective Feb. 4.

“Lt.-Gen. Hillier assumes the position at a very important time for the Canadian Forces,” said Bill Graham, Minister of National Defence referring to the Government's defence policy review looking at what kind of military Canada needs in the post-September 11th security environment.

“Lt.-Gen. Hillier's leadership and experience will be invaluable as we move forward in this process to transform the Canadian Forces to meet the security challenges Canada faces. He has extensive experience serving in Canada, Europe and the United States. Lt.-Gen. Hillier has more operational experience than most having served a number of times on United Nations and NATO missions – most recently lead some 6,000 troops from 35 nations as the commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).”

“I have complete confidence in his ability to shape and implement Canadian Forces transformation,” said Graham.
This post thanks to an observant commenter... thanks "Wilson61"!

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