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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Garth gave us a GIFT

I got to thinking about it, and you know what? Honestly, Garth Turner just gave us a gift for the next election.

Think about it... Garth Turner, the FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE Garth Turner, has just joined the Big Government, overspending, statist, Liberal Party of Canada.

Just what EXACTLY are they, the new bedfellows Dion and Turner, going to do about the upcoming Budget? You know it's going to be fiscally conservative... probably filled with things that Garth has been calling for for years. What exactly are they going to do? I see three options at the moment...

1) Will Garth vote against it? Against his own stated principles? He'll get reamed out in the media as a hypocrite, and may anger enough people in Halton to get trounced next election.

2) Will he support the budget, and vote against his newfound friends in the Liberal Party? Then Dion is going to have to take his new prize catch out to the woodshed, lest the rest of the Party start stepping out of line.

3) Will Garth's defection cause the Liberals to soften their stance on the Budget, and perhaps even support it to save face? Then the left leaning Liberals are going to accuse Dion of being to right-wing, and go running into the arms of Jack Layton.

Of course, I'm sure they'll be looking for door number 4, something I haven't thought of. But I'm betting that taking on Garth is going to end up being a bigger headache than Dion expected...

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