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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

CFRB's Bill Carroll SHREDS Garth

OUCH! I was listening to CFRB 1010's Bill Carroll this morning on my way in to Toronto for a Microsoft event, and Bill had Garth Turner on the phone, discussing his decision to join the Liberal Party of Canada.

BILL ABSOLUTELY SHREDDED HIM. Totally took him to task, got Garth all in a huff, and I think Garth even finally hung up on him! Bill went on all morning about it... not because someone had switched parties, but because GARTH TURNER had switched parties. The same Garth Turner that has been critizing the Liberals for decades, who is so completely opposed to most Liberal policies on so many levels, etc., etc., etc. He even called Garth's journalistic integrity into question, accusing Garth of spinning his refusal to stick to his own principles and resign his seat, to make way for a by-election to be called.

It was a fairly brutal rebuke... not that I disagree with much of what Bill had to say. After finished talking with Garth, Bill was basically saying "Well look at that... Garth can dish it, but he sure can't take it. What did you expect Garth? I'm a journalist... of course I'm going to hold you to the very same set of standards that I've always held everyone else in politics to. And you've been a journalist yourself, you know exactly what standards you're going to get held to. You set some pretty high standards for politicians over the years, so you bet I'm going to be holding you accountable to those very same standards. Can't you all just see the hypocrisy in this? It's not the issue of switching parties here, it's the issue of Garth TurnCOAT (yes, he actually called him 'Garth TURNCOAT') switching parties without submitting himself to a by-election... it's outright hypocrisy".

Wow... I wonder what Bill's going to say on Toronto's Global News tonight... make sure to tune in at 6:00pm EST!!!

Until then, how's that for a new nickname? "Garth TurnCOAT". I thought I was being clever last night when I thought of it... Bill beat me to it, as I didn't have time to post it this morning. Do you think it will stick?

Garth Turncoat. Kinda has a nice ring to it! ;-)

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