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Monday, December 04, 2006

Dion a citizen of France

At least according to an article from the Calgary Sun.

Two words in reply... SO WHAT?

I'm also a citizen of Britian. No big deal. It's quite common these days for someone to be a dual citizen, now that most western nations have modernized their citizenship laws.

Now, of course, if he were to become (and I sure hope not) the PM someday, it may be best to set it aside somehow, just to ensure that no frivilous accusations can be made.

On that note, I loved PM Harper's comment to Mr. Dion in the House today... "I too was a resident of Stornoway, and if I may say so, I hope he enjoys living there... hopefully for a good long while."

Look at me, stepping up to defend the new Liberal leader... excuse me while I go have my head examined. ;-)


  • At Tue. Dec. 05, 11:22:00 p.m. EST, Anonymous ryan said…

    The leader of our country cannot afford to have even the apperance of divided loyaty. It's easy to say it's no big deal because we're talking about France.

    However, France doesn't exactly align itself with many policies of out allies. Were Canada to take a position with France on some controversial piece of foriegn policy we could very easily alienate our "real" allies.

    Also, Canada was once a colony of Britan, we share the same Queen and we inherited our political system from the Brits. From an historical perspective it would be different if he held a British citizenship

  • At Wed. Dec. 06, 09:12:00 a.m. EST, Blogger Luke Coughey said…

    But, the big question is, "is he a citizen of Quebec?"


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