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Friday, December 01, 2006

Tasha Kheiriddin in Globe & Mail

And what an article it is!

Tasha slams the Liberal Party and their new Pink Book, pointing out that this is typical Liberal strategy... ghettoize a portion of the population, and then propose yet another state funded bureaucracy as being the only solution worthy of consideration. To quote...
"Child care, caregiving and poverty are not just women's concerns but the problems of the Canadian family. To ghettoize them in a Pink Book does a disservice to others in the game, including men, children and extended family members. What the Pink Book does is typical Liberal policy: segment society into separate "disadvantaged" groups and have them petition the state for rights and cash. This type of special interest politics is pernicious: It pits "us against them," perpetuates a victim mentality and, ultimately, increases the state's power at the expense of the citizen."
Way to go Tasha... shining the light on the typical Liberal politics of division.

Keep up the good work. With writing like this, amongst other of the BT crew, maybe there is hope for Canada yet...


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