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Friday, December 01, 2006

Canadian Political Party Irony

I wonder if anyone else ever caught this fact... that there is a real irony in how our two major political parties, the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Conservative Party of Canada, are structured. It was a segment from Paul Wells that prompted the thought...
(Regarding the Liberals) "The party's departing president, Mike Eizenga, and its national director, Steve MacKinnon, championed a serious reform to the party's absurd and outdated organization, which makes it literally impossible to join the Liberal Party of Canada -- you have to join one of the provincial wings, each with distinct rules, organizations and jealous little regional party executives. This hobbles organization. It cripples fundraising. It gives the Liberals an institutional handicap when they go to battle against the Conservatives, who built their party only a few years ago to be centralized, efficient and able to rally support across the country."
Did you catch it?

The Conservative Party of Canada supports a more decentralized model of federal government, yet has a highly centralized party structure.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Party of Canada supports greater centralization of power within the federal government, yet has a very decentralized and regionalized party structure.

Go figure!


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