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Monday, August 21, 2006

Liberal Mole inside Kennedy Camp

I'm sure we've all heard about the BC Liberal Youth who was a wee bit careless in sharing his views on Israel. Well, apparently he's been working for the Gerard Kennedy team for the Liberal Leadership. I hopped onto Gerard's site (as inspired by Warren) to see if any comment had been posted by them yet... and it appears that the good old "Liberal Mole" has been working on Gerard's website... nice little screen cap... check the "Breaking News"...

Yes indeed, they do have a voice... and I think we've heard it loud and clear, thank you very much. But just for good measure, here's a quote from that news item...
Kennedy commented, "Youth are the driving force in reshaping the Liberal Party. They represent the future of Canada, so it's very exciting to see groups like Generation Kennedy finding innovative ways to raise their voices and participate in the political process."
Amm, yea, thanks... but I think we've heard enough from some raised voices, at least for the moment.

On other matters, it's nice to see that other parties have to deal with the same headaches of MP's putting their foot in their mouths... Bill Graham has had to pipe up and counter comments made by Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj , which have been construde by some as being pro-Hezbollah.

All in all, these last two weeks have not been good for the Liberal Party of Canada, at least when it comes to the Jewish voting block. (such as in North Toronto and Montreal) First, the high level defections... then, this young BC Libber... now, an MP. May end up being a called third strike.

I'll repeat my previous prediction... look for Michael Fortier to run in Montreal's Jewish quarter in the next election.

UPDATE: I missed this... looks like Borys Wrzesnewskyj is also a Kennedy supporter. (h/t Stepehen Taylor) Gerard, don't you hate it when you get unfairly tarnished by individual idiots within your own ranks? I know how you feel... has been happening to the CPC for years. Though I must say, it's nice to see it happening to the other guys for once...

UPDATE II: Kennedy has posted a response... "No negotiation with terrorists."


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