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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Qana Stage Manged by Hezbollah?

Starring, produced, and direct by, Mr. Green Helmet. No commentary from me... just take a look for yourself. (WARNING - Graphic image)

h/t Hot Air.

Okay, I changed my mind... I will comment. I realize that some people will think I'm cold and heartless by posting this, so I'll comment on why I posted it. The death and destruction in Qana was horrible, no doubt, but unfortunately, due to the tactics and practices of Hezbollah, not unexpected. That said, I have a major problem with Hezbollah using the corpse of a dead child as a mere prop for the sole purpose of discrediting Israel in the eyes of the world. I'm just really glad this got caught on tape.

The media is just another battleground that this war is being fought on... and unfortunately, Hezbollah is winning on this front. It's a shame that we in the West are so easily manipulated.


  • At Thu. Aug. 10, 10:32:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Dennis said…

    And regarding the deceased child, all covered in grime and dirt..........

    .......yet with a squeaky clean pacifier.

    Right, then.

  • At Wed. Aug. 16, 09:37:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Bill said…

    I heard reports of refrigerated trucks coming into Qana with extra bodies. Then there was the 8 hour gap between the bombing and the building's collapse.
    Looks like crap.
    Sounds like crap
    Tastes like crap
    It must be the truth


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