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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dalton to appeal Caledonia Ruling

Dalton is plannig to appeal Judge Marshall's ruling that the Rule of Law be re-established in Caledonia, according to the Globe & Mail.

You have got to be joking. But I find this quote disturbing... "Prime Minister Stephen Harper supports the province's position, Mr. Bryant said. Mr. Harper and Premier Dalton McGuinty discussed the matter in a telephone conversation late Tuesday." I will be making a few phone calls about this one.

Then there's this quote.
"We will make submissions that the rule of law has been complied with, that an independent police force has acted independently and sought to enforce the law and keep the peace," Mr. Bryant said. "We will argue that Crown prosecutions have operated independently, we will make the argument that orders of the court have been complied with."
I think burnt bridges, road blockages, damaged houses, intimidated residents, various assults, torched transformer stations, and a mob pelting an 89 year old man's house with rocks are a clear indication that THE RULE OF LAW IS NOT PRESENTLY IN FORCE.

Do I have THE answer to the situation? Nope... but allowing complete lawlessness to go unchallenged is certainly NOT the answer.

For the record... I expect all individuals who have broken the law to be held accountable when this is all over. There better not be any sort of blanket amnesty granted by these negotiations. Otherwise, I guess you could say that crime really does pay.

UPDATE: Was checking out Ottawa Core's blog, as I know he/she has been posting a lot of stuff related to all this. I saw these statements regarding a stalled wind turbine project in Ontario, and was troubled by them...
This apparently is one of several developments backed by the Ontario government. We say ”Thanks for the windmills”. Now we can sit down and talk about what we’re going to give you out of it, if we want to. The windmills are on our property. It’s ours! You’ll just have to keep your hands off them and talk to us about it.

They say they are confident the project will go ahead. They just don’t get it, do they? I’d like to see how they’d react if someone started building windmills in their back yard! They know that they belong to us now. They just want a piece of the action. So we’ll think about it. That’s what we’ll talk about.

They can’t seize anything on Indian territory, which is all of Canada. They should have made a deal with us beforehand. This Johnny-come-lately deal-making is not the proper way to do business with us.
It's statements like THIS that this conflict in Caledonia is really all about. "Indian territory is ALL OF CANADA". Guess I'm just going to have to pack up and head back the Britian where I came from. You see, I'm just an oppressive white man.

Now, I will say that Ontario Hydro should have consulted with them, even if the status of the land is in dispute. But to say that the nation of Canada has no right to exist, and to hold the entire nation hostage? THIS is why the Caledonia situation has to be resolved. I'm not saying that the natives don't have a valid claim, and that their grivances should be heard and dealt with... but to think that the entire nation, and everything in it, belongs to them? That's just way over the top.


  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 03:12:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Fergy said…


  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 03:21:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    Yes, this bothers me too about the Feds being onside. I just linked to your post.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 03:26:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    From The Mackenzie Institute: Briefs and Papers (2003)

    These then are the essential characteristics of terrorism:

    •It can be used in war, in governance, and as a free-standing form of conflict.

    •It generally seeks an audience far wider than its actual circle of victims, and the constant message is "Be afraid!"

    •It sanctions violence that knows no laws or limits save those set by the perpetrators, and it invites a copy-cat response.

    •Terrorist violence is inherently indiscriminate in its effects.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 03:46:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    This is the line that bothers me the most in the Globe article: "Prime Minister Harper and the Premier are entirely of one mind". Yikes!!!

    What's left? The NDP?

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 04:19:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    To clarify... my beef is that the rule of law has been suspended, not that negotiations are ongoing.

    Keep up the negotiations, but ensure, in the meantime, that the Laws of Canada, which DO indeed have juristiction in Caledonia, are appropriately enforced.

    According to most residents, at present, that is not the case.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 04:51:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    Good point. I guess then that the government feels negotiations should still go on in spite of the fact that the native occupation continues.

    As for the rule of law applying in Caledonia, I'm not so sure. On the noon news I saw a native say that he wasn't Canadian, so Canada's laws did not apply to him. I guess the murky issue is do Canada's laws ever apply to natives? i.e. when they step outside the reserve? I really don't think they believe that Canadian laws have anything to do with them.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 04:52:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Dennis said…

    First he appealed a court ruling helping autistic kids, and now he appeals one for repecting a prior court ruling.

    McGuinty, do you remember, if ever, what it was like to have a spine?

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 06:02:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Christian Conservative said…

    Joanne, Criminal code offences like murder still apply... assault should too.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 06:55:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    CC, yes I agree. But reality is another thing. I can't believe how the natives can do almost anything they want, and the OPP just watch. If the residents do the same thing, they are arrested.

    But now I realize that the natives do not consider themselves to be part of Canada.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 08:27:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Blake said…


    Unsurprisingly, you're completely unnuanced in your understanding of this issue. Your continue use of the general "the natives" shows that. Not all native bands and/or organizations are as militant or in agreement with each other; your implication that they somehow are is nothing less than stereotyping based on ethnicity. I find it unacceptable.

    I agree with your displeasure at both McGuinty and the feds for appealing this decision (unless it's part of some negotiation currently ongoing); I agree that the participants in this fiasco acted wrongly and everybody should get the message in the future that this is not acceptable behaviour. But keep your rhetoric firmly in check, please.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 10:08:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    Well, Blake, maybe it's time for the First Nations to do a little P.R. work in that regard.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 10:16:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    BTW, Blake, to quote Andrew's post:

    "They can’t seize anything on Indian territory, which is all of Canada."

    Very nuanced, indeed.

  • At Wed. Aug. 09, 11:36:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Blake said…

    Very nuanced, indeed.

    Hilarious. I offer the correction and you just go repeating the error.

    Obviously not every band in the nation thinks that. Some are more notorious and militant than others. Some are very realistic and very co-operative with surrounding communities. So knock off the race-based assumptions and try walking in such a way that you don't skin your knuckles.

    Well, Blake, maybe it's time for the First Nations to do a little P.R. work in that regard.

    Like bigots like you would listen if they did.

  • At Thu. Aug. 10, 06:33:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    I would love to hear from any natives anywhere in Canada to see how they view this Caledonia situation.

    BTW, Blake, true to your style, you have to revert to an other ad hominem argument, by calling me a bigot.

    When I first commented on this, I was referring specifically to the comment made by the spokesman for the Six Nations in Caledonia. However, it would be interesting to hear how other bands see their relationship to Canada.

    Do you want us to take this outside, Andrew? It might get nasty.

  • At Thu. Aug. 10, 11:45:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Blake said…

    When I first commented on this, I was referring specifically to the comment made by the spokesman for the Six Nations in Caledonia.

    Then specify that, don't use generic terms such as "natives", "a native", "the natives" all over the place. And even so, I'm sure that some natives of that band are pretty embarrassed at their fellow band members activities right about now (although it would probably be fairly unwise for them to say so in public).

    Just ask yourself how you'd feel if the same kind of generalizations you've made about natives were used to describe white people by natives. I'm sure you'd be up in arms.

    BTW, Blake, true to your style, you have to revert to an other ad hominem argument, by calling me a bigot.

    Not at all. I made my point, you offered zero defense and just kept doing the same thing over again in spite of the correction offered. Then I called you a bigot, which was only one of a long list of terms I could have used. I have no regrets about doing so.

    Do you want us to take this outside, Andrew? It might get nasty.

    Isn't that a little unwise, Joanne? Going outside, I mean? You probably have about seven arrest warrants out for you for unpaid parking tickets, public lewdness (involving a blowup Lorrie Goldstien doll), and public urination on your neighbour's shrubs. I think you'd best be operating on the QT.

  • At Thu. Aug. 10, 03:33:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    Blake, you are basing all this on the premise that I care about your opinion.

  • At Thu. Aug. 10, 06:37:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Blake said…

    I'm also basing it on the premise that you understand my opinion, both of which are likely equally faulty assumptions.

  • At Fri. Aug. 11, 09:17:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said…

    The interesting thing is that just like JDave, you do have something to say of value once in a while, but you mess up with the personal attacks. It detracts from your credibility, IMHO.


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