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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Iggy under attack

According to The Globe & Mail, the Ignatieff camp is reporting that someone, likely from another leadership camp, is using new Liberal membership lists to launch anonymous attacks on his campaign... which is a violation of the rules for these new membership lists.
Senior Ignatieff strategist Ian Davey believes another leadership camp is using the new membership lists to contact Liberal members, sending out anonymous letters and pointing to a website full of anti-Ignatieff material and criticisms. "...there are people in the Liberal Party and, make no mistake this is coming from inside the Liberal Party, who are not interested in renewal of the party," Mr. Davey said. ". . . the fact that this kind of stuff goes on, that we have people who haven't got the courage to put their name on something and hide behind anonymity and yet have access to memberships lists, and new memberships lists, these are the membership lists that have come out in the last 30 days, so this is coming from inside the Liberal Party."
Sounds like the old guard and their old tricks are still alive and well within the Liberal Party of Canada.
"A party official said yesterday that a "significant" number of the 184,000 Liberal Party members have recently received these anti-Ignatieff e-mails and letters.

Authors of the letter, which is dated Aug. 22, do not identify themselves. Rather, they say they are "longtime active members" who are "disturbed" about the Ignatieff bid.
Those members have received mailings and e-mails pointing them to a website called

Is the Liberal ground war starting? If so, make sure you start saving all this stuff to your archives... some of it may come in handy in the next election. ;-)


  • At Thu. Aug. 24, 12:52:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Blake said…

    I visited hoping to find some great strategies to prevent Andre Igoudala from attacking the basket, and was greatly disappointed to find out that it's about this dull-as-dust Michael Ignatieff again. And frankly, I don't see him being a very aggressive slasher with the ball; I just don't think he's a very good dribble penetrator and a good finisher around the rim. I was quite disappointed in this site.

    Oops, I've covered that before, haven't I? Sorry, everyone. ;)


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