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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tamil Tigers have Elections Canada Voters Lists???

Eh? What's THIS???
TORONTO - The RCMP is investigating how the suspected Canadian front organization for the Tamil Tigers terrorist group managed to obtain Elections Canada voter lists used in the last federal campaign.

The voter lists, along with manuals on missile-guidance systems, books encouraging suicide bombing and paperwork that police say is evidence of terrorist fundraising, were seized from the World Tamil Movement (WTM).

The list of registered voters was from Scarborough-area voting sites. All Tamil-sounding names had been highlighted and their home addresses were identified. They were found in the office of the WTM's treasurer, police said.

According to the Elections Canada Web site, voter lists are protected by the Privacy Act and are only supposed to be used for election purposes. Improper use of voting lists is an offence.
Having worked for Elections Canada in the past, and having worked for a candidate in the last Federal Election, I happen to know a thing or two about the Voter's Lists... you can't be using them for anything else!

In my mind, the question that needs to be asked is, where did they get those lists? And who's going to be charged? This is unacceptable... those lists are to be kept in strict confidence by everyone who has access to them.

And now they're being used by a terrorist group to extort money from people?


  • At Sun. Jul. 23, 12:58:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Liberals have been linked to Hamas friendly Muslim org's that also promote the Whahabi islam via Saudi money building Mosques in canada and teaching Jihad and Shariah-Law.
    The latest poll shows canada still has about 28% of the population as idiots supporting the slimeball weasels that robbed us and let the small fish do jail-time.

    It will be too late when Hezbullah starts bombing out transit system and tries to take over parliament to force Shariah-law and islam on canada, the Skydome will be the execusion arena for shooting females and beheading the infidels.

    Chretien asserted during the evening news that there are NO terrorists in canada.

  • At Sun. Jul. 23, 02:59:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger PGP said…

    How did the Voter Lists get into the hands of the Tamil Terrorists?
    Easy... civil service hiring policy.
    You must hire by the numbers representatives of all visible minorities.
    Fine in principle for some but absolutely stupid when you ignore the implications of not properly vetting those hired. Even with thorough screening ( which is NOT the norm ) potentially coercable people will be employed. Of course you always have your usual cadre of left leaning types who seem to be drawn to public service type jobs.

  • At Sun. Jul. 23, 03:54:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    all candidates in a federal election get a voters list. CPC, LPC, NDP, Green, independent, whoever. Most volunteers can get their hands on one easily enough. We threw our hard copies out at the end of the campaign. Getting a copy is not hard, as most volunteers have no idea as to the laws governing the lists

  • At Sun. Jul. 23, 04:13:00 p.m. EDT, Blogger Blake said…

    "Easy... civil service hiring policy.
    You must hire by the numbers representatives of all visible minorities."

    1) There are no racial quotas for hiring in Elections Canada.
    2) "visible minorities" = "collaborators with terrorists"?!? How the f--- can you get through life and not get beaten daily for harbouring racist attidues like that?!? Can you even begin to demonstrate that any Elections Canada employee 1) had anything to do with this, 2) is involved with wrongdoing if they did, 3) that that employee was a visible minority, 4) that that person's status as a visible minority had anything to do with the release of that information?!?

    Holy crap, I have seldom heard such bigoted comments in my life. And more, without the slightest justification that they might even be warranted! I'm almost inclined to do research in this regard, because I'll laugh like hell if it turns out to be a while male civil servant who did his job as directed by current regulations, and then watch a bigot like you refuse to retract your racist statements.

    Dude, I think a bright red nose and multicoloured wig is missing from your avatar.

  • At Mon. Jul. 24, 01:27:00 a.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The Liberal Party of Toronto would have given them the list - because they would get a cut of the take.

  • At Sat. Jul. 29, 05:57:00 p.m. EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    First of all, Tamil tigers are not terrorist. If you don't know how to identify terrorists, look at what Israel does, and what Srilankan government does.

    A proud Tamil Canadian.

  • At Mon. Jul. 31, 10:31:00 a.m. EDT, Blogger Blake said…

    First of all, Tamil tigers are not terrorist. If you don't know how to identify terrorists, look at what Israel does, and what Srilankan government does.

    Check this link. It's from "", and this is how it glowingly describes an operation of the Tamil Tigers: "This battle caused the largest amount of financial loss to the Sri Lankan Army in the 18 years of the Tamil Eelam separatist conflict. The total financial loss was estimated by the Sri Lankan government to be $375 million USD...When the battle was over 14 members of the LTTE, 7 soldiers of the Sri Lankan Air Force had been killed."

    Nope, certainly not a terrorist operation at all. Forcing a government into reprisal actions because of guerilla conflicts, and their constant attempts at assassination of high-level Sri Lankan officials, not terrorist at all. Clearly, their cause is totally just, and designed for the betterment of the Tamil people. They clearly have their best interests in mind, what with their completely intelligent goal of causing the separation of their own little military regime-state they have in mind for the Tamil people.

    Give your head a shake.


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